Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mgnetiques Magnetic Nail Polish - Yeah...No. I Have Better Things to Say About Having My Wisdom Teeth Pulled.

First off thank you for all the well wishes surgery went well.  It took and hour due to the fact that they were all impacted.  The had to break two to get them out and I had an abscess (which explains the pain I have been having).  Anyways I was pretty much up and about after a short nap.  I then decided to try on dresses!  I've been napping quite a bit when I take the pain killers.  I'm a bit swollen but if you didn't know what I looked like before it would be hard to notice. And I actually brush my teeth last tonight (YES!).  I haven't been able to open my mouth wide enough to get a proper brush in.  So far everything is going really well.  Fingers crossed I don't get dry socket!

Now back to polish.  Unlike my surgery this will be getting a less positive review. This is the worst magnetic polish in the whole universe.  Probably one of the worst polishes I've ever tried in general (lucky for me it was a gift). Let me just say it doesn't help that I'm sort of over magnetic polishes now(sorry OPI).

It's purple and has sort of a frosty finish, that dries matte.  And it's a sad excuse for a magnetic.  I used 2 coats and then I held the magnet above it for anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds.  And as you can see I pretty much got squat.  It did show up on a couple fingers but barely.  In real life it was way less visible. So I f you see this in stores and you say to yourself "Wow this is inexpensive maybe I should get it".  Don't.

 You can see some of the stripes on the index finger, the pinky and a BIT on my thumb.

 TEETH! Well the ones that weren't broken in 2.

Ps. giveaway?


  1. Did Dr.W give you a box to keep yours in? He gave me a little orange box with the pieces of all mine in it, haha.

    1. I don't know. It was in something and then my parents took them out. They are currently sitting on the bathroom sink. I didn't want them at first them apparently when I was done I was like "I changed my mind, I want them". Then I made my parents take me to the store so I could get soup.

  2. Ooooh that's the one Katie got us! Mine works's kind of a lilac-silver. Still not very good, though. At least it's a pretty colour!

  3. I'm so upset I wasn't offered my teeth to keep! Hurray for surgeries going well =) And thanks for the warning about the polish too.

  4. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Ugh that really stinks that the magnet didn't do anything. I think I have a Finger Paints one that didn't work at all either..what a waste!

  5. Awww, that must have hurt - I'm happy you are feeling better :)
    That polish is really pretty, but what a low magnetic effect it has...

  6. Dude EWWWWWW-Warn a person next time you're gonna show teeth that aren't in your head! HAHAHAHA! Glad you are doing ok-I had that happen a long time ago and had to have the same procedure-and this just proves why I don't buy cheap polish-it's crap. I'd rather pay a little more and not get crap!

  7. Woah teeth! Haha I hope you don't get a dry socket either, I had one and I would not wish it on anyone.


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