Tuesday, 16 October 2012

If You Like Twilight...I Don't Think You'll Like This Post. BUT If You Like Twilight/Mortal Kombat Corssovers You Should Stay. (Aka Vampire Nails Pt. 1)

So every month I with go to or participate in a show that is just comedians reading fan fiction (usually really bad stuff).  This month the fandom we focused on was Twilight.  My sketch troupe read this.  It's a crossover between Twilight and Mortal Combat.   It was AMAZING. If anything you should read the last chapter just for the authors note.  BTW if you know any good(bad) Doctor Who fan fiction you should link me to it as there is a Doctor Who show soon :)

Anyways my left hand was dedicated to "real" vampires.  I decided to take some inspiration from over at The Daily Nail. And do fang nails.  I first painted my nails all white.  Then with a fan brush dipped in acetone I went over it with Cult Nails Quench, Barry M Red Black, and OPI's Royal Rajah Ruby.  Until I got the look I wanted.  I was going for the blood coloured teeth look.  When the vampire shows their teeth right after they have sucked blood.

On my right hand I used some Nailene polish from their french manicure kit and China Glazes Fairy dust.  Because Edward sparkles.  WTF Stephanie Myers? WTF?

I didn't file my own nails.  I used false nails and placed them on 2/3 of my nails and filed them from there.  So there was no giant hump when the fake nail ended I filled in the part over my own nail with some old Seche Vite.

I'll show you how I used the fangs again in my next post (Because I wasn't going to partially destroy my nails for just one manicure).


  1. Great idea with the fake nails... This looks really awesome! I'd love to see more fang manis

  2. The fake nails are so cool! Great idea and I love the cross you made on your thumb!

  3. These are SO KICKASS. The fake nails look amazing! And the cross is wicked. Ugh. Stop being so talented.

  4. The thumb looks so freaking cool! Like biker badass. And nice job on utilizing fake nails! I still don't understand how the hump went away but I'm impressed :)

  5. Awesome! I love REAL vampires :D

  6. LOL, I love the idea behind fang nails- I was all "Huh, why are the pinkie and index all sharp and pointy when the... OH. FANG NAILS!" Awesome! Can't wait to see what else you do with this. :D

  7. MWahahahaahaha!!! Between the awesomeness of this mani and the awesomeness of the thought of comedians reading twilight fan fic, I could die with a giant smile on my face. Noice. Thank you!


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