Friday, 5 October 2012

China Glaze Hue Thrill Me: Why Have I Never Given You A Second Look? I'm So Sorry.+ Giveaway winner!

1) No one won the hidden giveaway!  Maybe next time it will be easier :P

2) Sit your bums down people.  I'm about to tell you about an amazing and unique polish.

So first off I had no idea when this polish was from.  Year or collection wise.  So I had to do a bit of internet searching.  Turns out it's originally from China Glaze's Mad About Hues collection from 2000.

I am now going to attempt to describe this colours.  Under normal everyday light it looks like the first picture or the second.  Dusty brown-ish purple with pink shimmer(You can see the purple better in real life).  Or just kind of a nude-ish brown.  But then under the flash and really bright light it leans toward a dusty pink full of shimmer.  0_o.  And i went on in 2 flawless coats.

My first thought was "This is like SFW with a bit of flair".  I love, love, love it.  It's for those days when you maybe want to be more neutral and classy but still have a little pow.  I've had this for a while but only recently wore it because I am silly.  For the record I reel like you actually need to see this in person to fully understand how pretty it is.

3) I brushed by teeth with my electric toothbrush today for the first time.  My mouth has never felt this clean :D


  1. I love China Glaze. This colour goes fantastically with your skin =D

  2. That is a gooorgeous color - and electric toothbrushes are so nice LOL
    No winner, darn LOL

  3. Lovely colour! never tried China Glaze nail varnish might have to give them a go!
    thanks for following, now following too x

  4. That's so pretty on you! I love the pink shimmer! :-)
    Yay for electric toothbrush! I love mine and after a while, I don't know how to brush my teeth without it lol.

    ~ Yun

  5. I am new to your blog, thanks for following me.
    What? No winner? You can pick me, I won't get mad :D

  6. Oooh this color is amazing! Don't think I've seen any browns with pinkish hues like that before...

  7. wow I love this shade, very pretty!

  8. I love my electric toothbrush! It is awesome! And I didn't even see the giveaway! But I do love this color!

    1. If it popped out at you it wouldn't be hidden :P

  9. Fascinating shade! Haven't seen anything like it- very unique!


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