Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mandatory Mani

I feel like this is a mandatory manicure for anyone that has pointy nails. Watermelons. You just have to do it at some point. So this is my time/I wanted to do it before it started to feel like autumn.

I started with my base of Running in Circles then with acrylic paint I added the pink and white. Finally I painstakingly added the black glitter which is Ninja Polish Sticks and Stones. That took the longest time, trying to pick out the small black glitter from the white glitter. Love how it looks even though he glitter was a pain.

Here's running in circles on it's own. I have actually swatched it before, but this is too pretty to not show again!

Monday, 10 August 2015

These nails have been approved by Spider-Man

So the other day I was a HOT MESS. I did a really pretty eye look in the morning, but I was in rush and I forgot to put on mascara. So when I was out I bought some really cheap NYC stuff. THEN I realized I forgot to put on deodorant(and I need it guys, Old Spice Sweat Defence in After Hours is a life saver), sooooooo I went out and found a cheap bottle of Dove's deodorant for men(I hate how woman's deodorant smells), and bought it. FINALLY when I went home that night from the boys place, I wore my shirt inside out, IN PUBLIC. And just so you know this shirt is literally a different colour when it's inside out(The shirt is just a mass of colours thrown together and when it is inside out the pattern is still there, but it looks like a faded yellow and blue shirt).

So in the spirit of unplanned things happening here is a manicure I didn't plan on doing :P

This popped up on my tumblr dashboard yesterday, a pretty, pretty, Prada, purse, photographed by Maurizio Di Iorio. And I knew I had to do something inspired by it. This whole look was done using tape(minus the blue), because I'm not skilled enough to draw perfect lines. I started with a base of China Glaze's Stoked to be soaked. Then I taped off half the nail with scotch tape and added OPI's Over the Taupe, then with striping tape I added the yellow, which is Sinful Colors Pull Over. Finally I added Sally Hansen's *Pacific Blue for the tips. It is safe to say myself along with Spider-Man like my nails.

*Pacific Blue is SUPER deceptive. It is not that intense in real life. Although a lot of swatches look that intense, that is how it photographs a lot of the time. Yes, it is vibrant, but it's not that vibrant.

Friday, 7 August 2015

This is sort of a makeup post, but not really.

Well I have had another one of those weeks where I think I updated recently, but the reality was it's been a week. Anyway, let's get down to business. So I only started really wearing makeup in January. Before that I would only wear it if I HAD to. Now I wear it pretty much any time I leave the house. Now I'm no pro, but I think I'm decent, but I do feel a little iffy when I go into cosmetic stores. I always think they see my makeup and think "Wow, who invited Baba Yaga?". I mean I'm sure they don't say that but if there is anyp lace I feel insecure about my skills it's in a cosmetic store. The one place I feel the most awkward is Sephora, because I feel like everyone there is on point. Well a couple days ago I went in with some of my cousins and when we were checking out the lady behind the counter asked me about my makeup look, because she loved it! This is a first for me, having someone at Sephora take an interest in what I had on. It made me feel fantastic!

What does that all have to do with the manicure? Well since I have been getting into makeup I have been lurking a lot of makeup accounts. Some of these artists are soooooooo creative and I love looking at their work. Even though they sometimes do crazy stuff that I could never do on my own face, I can still use it and translate it to my nails. Like today, I have this manicure inspired by makeup artist Alene Filippova. This look caught my eye immediately when I scrolled past. I just had to put it on my nails :)
 For my nails I started off with a black base, then I top coated it. I then added tape down the centre, and with a fan brush, brushed on the gold(Which is a nameless Dior). Once I removed the tape I top coated it again, put another strip of tape down the centre, and with the fan brush added the red(Revlon Red Carpet). Finally I top coated the whole thing. I did it with and without matte topcoat. I think I like it better shiny as the matte dulled the red.

So tell me. Do you like the makeup? What are some of your favourite products?
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