Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NK - Vibrant Orange: Since It Is October...

Now I'm not a huge fan of oranges unless it's Jason (as they make me look like I have loads of children).  But I will wear it when I think the occasion is appropriate.  So Halloween,  I don't have scurvy's day, Jason Orange's Birthday etc.  And since Halloween is this month I can use it for a whole month and not feel as bad!

I actually got this for free from my aunt as she had 2 bottles.  It's Nicka K Vibrant Orange.  It's a shimmery, tangerine orange.  This was 3 coats but I'm picky.  You could get away with 2. I'm not sure where to get this brand.  The only bottles I have I was given for free.  But I have seen it twice at random beauty shops in NYC and in Brooklyn. I don't remember exactly how much they cost but they were inexpensive.

I actually like this enough that I'll probably wear it alone at some point this October!  It's so glow-y!

What are your feeling on all things orange?

Ps. Can you tell I cut my nails?


  1. Dude I love this color! I've never even heard of this brand before, but it looks really pretty and smooth, and as you said, glowy. Looks really good on you. I personally have always thought orange looks bad on me, but I've been trying out more colors that I don't typically wear. Turns out there are some oranges that actually do look good on me O:

  2. I love this shade of orange, very autumn appropriate.

  3. I am a sucker for oranges, I am so ghostly pale (appropriateness win) that they actually make me look tan lol. This is a nice middle of the road shade, not too dark not too bright. I'm liking the glow.

  4. I really like how it looks in the first picture, all smooth and glowing, it's really pretty on you and your freshly shortened nails, which look good!

  5. i'm not a big orange person either but this is a perfect fall color!

  6. pretty orange color! love this! :D


  7. I think this orange is really nice! I've seen NK at beauty supply stores in NYC but never thought to buy one. They are pretty cheap so I'll probably try one out next time :D

  8. Wow that's a pretty orange! Looks good on you. And yes I noticed you cut your nails :)


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