Sunday, 26 February 2012

Richard Chai Inspired Nails

It's times like these where I wish I had a super amazing camera.  This looks MUCH better in person.  Like the blue is less bright and the shimmer is less pronounced.  I almost wasn't going to post it but what the hell.

My inspiration for this was an outfit from Richard Chai's 2012 fall/winter collection.

I used Sephora by OPI's Break a Leg Warmer,  OPI's Miami Beet, Butter London Big Smoke, Ruby Kisses Steel Magnolia and paint.


  1. Beautiful... very close to your source material. ;) How did you get the lines so crisp?
    Also: LOVE the Varnishes Valkyrie banner at the top of your blog. Bahahah.

    1. Honestly a striping brush, a (somewhat) steady hand, and the constant thought of "If you screw this up you have to start this whole nail again".

      Well if you;re gonna put Valkyrie in your blog name you HAVE TO have and epic picture of one somewhere :p

  2. I am loving this one! Am glad you posted it!


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