Friday, 28 June 2013

Random Wednesday: This is a VERY improtant post. It's Doctor Who related.

Now as you might have noticed I like the show Doctor Who quite a bit.  And if you even follow the show a bit you probably know that the most recent Doctor, played by Matt Smith is leaving.  I now present you with my thoughts on this.

First off Nine is my Doctor.  I don't ever get why people skip over Nine.  As far as the new series goes it would be like reading a book and skipping over the first 7 chapters.  Not only is Christopher Ecceleston a bamf, and phenomenal actor, but he sets the entire series up for you.  I also find him very attractive.

Next is Ten.  I think David Tennant was great(And of course with him came one of my favourite companions Donna Noble).  Unlike Nine he had more of a quirkynes to him.  Bad ass and adorable.  What's not like.

Then we get to Eleven.  Oh Eleven.  I don't know if this makes sense but I like how Matt Smith plays Eleven.  Out of all the recent Doctors he is probably the one who is most all over the place.  Which I think he plays well and it works for him.  My problem with Eleven is everything else.  Matt Created a great character, but out of all the new series he's story lines were the weakest,  and plot and character development were spotty at best.  These and a combo of other things made Matt my least favourite Doctor.

And for the record I don't blame Matt.  My pretty, painted finger of judgement is pointed squarely at Steven Moffat the show's showrunner.  He also seems to think bigger is better.  I liked Doctor Who when the sets weren't the best!  My point is I personally don't like the direction he took the show. With a few exceptions the episodes he has been the showrunner for have been the weakest IMO as a whole with a few exceptions(Vincent and The Doctor).

Now when Matt leaves I want to say I would love a female Doctor, I would love to say I want a companion who doesn't have a twinge of romantic feelings for the Doctor a la Donna Noble,  I would love to say I hope they get a brilliant actor/actress with an amazing range to replace him that brings something new to the table.  The thing is I fear that under Moffat's reign he would manage to jack up those scenarios.  Especially the female doctor.  If that's going to happen someone else needs to be the showrunner.  That being said I would not mind if he wrote episodes every now and then.  The Empty Child, The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink are some of my favourite episodes!

*All opinions are mine.  Feel free to disagree.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Incoco Temptress and other things that are going on finger nail wise.

So today I have the last set of nail polish appliqués that I was sent to review from Incoco.  I decided that this time I didn't want to do a whole manicure with this.  And for the record I don't think I've ever done this before.  I find it hard to do multiple different nails and have it all be cohesive.   But I think I pulled it off!

Anyways Temptress is a black nail appliqué with random purple lines.  Normally I would find the appliqués that fit my nails best.  But this time since I wasn't doing a full mani I used the 2 largest sizes and cut them down to fit my nails.  Once that was done application was easy.  I finished off with China Glaze Angel Wings on my ring finger and H&M Plum on my pinky and thumb along with some studs from the Born Pretty Store.

Overall I really like Incoco's nail polish appliqués.  They are thin, flexible and you can stretch them without distortion.  I also really like the fact that they are nail polish, they aver very natural looking(as far as polish goes...if that makes sense).  And I love the idea of having a bunch of these and using them for things like vacations or accent nails. 

If you would like to get your hands on some of these head on over to Incoco's website.  They retail for $8.99USD each.

*Product sent for honest review

Monday, 24 June 2013

Textured Chevrons

Initially, I wasn't too sure about this season's texture trend. While reading up on it, I came across a swatch of OPI Get Your Number with topcoat...well, that holo glitter got me! I later found it in a discount bin and decided to go for it. After playing with it a bit, I kinda started to like the texture. Of course, I couldn't have just a boring, lumpy mani...

Starting with a base of Hot Topic Finn on every nail, I stacked shaped manicure guides from Born Pretty Store onto my index and middle fingers to create the pattern. One coat of Get Your Number, remove guides, bam! Pretty neat way to work the texture trend.

I actually like these a lot!

These would also be really easy to do with scotch tape. I'd like to try this look again with a contrasting base, or a more wild design with striping tape.

Have any of you wonderful readers tried any textured polishes?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

NYX Girls Woman: Hotter than this 30 degree weather I have to put up with!

If you don't think this polish is pretty, know that I am judging you.  If you have read the blog before I have mentioned I love reds a lot!  I think everyone needs at least one.  It's an essential like a LBD or sushi.

Woman is a shimmery cherry red, with gold and purple shimmer.  I used 3 coats but I only would have needed 2 had I not rushed between coats and caused dragging.  Now while I love this colour I do wish that the gold and purple shimmer translated onto the nail.  Also I hate how because the writing on the bottle is black it's super hard to read any of the writing(like the name of the polish) on the bottle when the polish is a dark colour.

But overall I think this is $2 well spent!  And for the record I don't actually remember where I got this.  Well I know I bought it when I was on vacation to the States, specifically NYC.  And I do remember it was a random beauty shop.  I think I had sushi that day.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Warpaint Beauty Purple Haze: And to think I was going to give this away.

I'll be honest.  I actually bought this polish with the intent of using it for a giveaway.  But I would always look at it and think "I wish I had bought a bottle".  Long story short I eventually caved and thought "Screw it, it's mine".  As much as I love our readers I am glad I didn't put this in a giveaway.

I bought Purple Haze at Hot Topic eons ago and I don't remember how much it cost.  It's a deep purple crelly, with loads of blue shimmer that shifts from purple to pink.  I used 3 coats although you could get away with 2.  The only thing I wasn't fond of was the lid.  It had a square top and it was awkward to hold.

I loved this polish because a) Even though it's a deep purple it never looks black, even when you are inside. b) While not evident in the photos the colour shift is VERY clear in real life.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués in Wild Card: There is only one word to describe these. Majestic.

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while.  I've been really busy and on top of that my internet LOVES to cut out ever now and then.  Sometimes it likes to cut out and not come back on for a good 24 hours.  Imagine 24 hours Tumblr free.  It was the worst.

Anyways today I have the second pair of Incoco nail polish appliqués in Wild Card.  They are a majestic zebra print...or are they tiger?  Which one of those animals is green and gold glitter?  Either way it is green and gold glitter with black stripes.  Application this time around was much easier.  I didn't have any problems with lifting or not laying flat.  A couple of the fingers I did tear the edges when I was peeling them off the backing.  But that was my fault as I peeled them away too fast.

I love these!  They wore really well.  The last two photos were actually taken on day 5 of me wearing them!  I'm sure I could have gotten more wear out of them but 5 days is long for me.  And despite the fact that they are glitter there was barely any grit to them.  One coat of topcoat made it completely smooth.  Removal was kind of a pain but I didn't expect anything less from a glitter.   I ended up wearing them to an R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet Sing Along!(But I'll tell you about that another day :P)

I should add that these actually come with a piece of tape so you can seal the package back up again.  Last time I used these I accidentally dropped the tape.  When I eventually saw it on the floor I had no clue where it was from or what it was so I threw it out.

I'm excited to try my third set.  I'm glad I saved it for last because it's not a glitter or a shimmer.  With a glitter and a shimmer you can get away with little mistakes but they will probably be more visible with my last set.  Which is why I'm glad I think I now have the hang of it.

*Product sent for honest review.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués in Rock On!: Another First!

So a few weeks ago I tried nail wraps for the first time and I really did love them.  So when Incoco asked me to review some of their nail polish appliqués I of course said yes.  I figured they were the same idea so I was excited!

Within the exterior white packaging, the appliqués are in a smaller air tight package.   A pack contains 16  double-ended strips. Instructions are on the back. The set I got is Rock On.  It's a blue and silver snakeskin look.  Pretty badass eh?


First off I didn't put base coat on because it said on the front of the package that it also had base and top coat.  Next I had to cut some of them(which was easy) because some didn't fit me correctly.  I cut them while they still had their clear cover and paper back.  I found this easier than cutting them without the support as the polish strips were floppy.  I found the strips were relatively easy to apply.  Because they are year polish they don't have as much give, so if you are stretching them out be careful as it may tear.  And while you can lift it off your nail and realign it it dose begin to loose its stick quickly.  Even though it said it was already topcoatified I added some because a couple were beginning to peel because it was no longer sticky(Index and pinky finger) and I had some areas that didn't lie down properly on the nail(which you really cant see in the photos).  So far I have been wearing it for just over 24 hours and so far so good.  Showers and all!  Finally even though it says on the package to use these imadiatly I was left with 6 left over.  As soon as I finished they went in a sealed bag.  I want to still try and use them again!

I really, really like these but I will admit they do need a little more practice and patience as they are less forgiving then the previous wraps I used.

If you would like of set of these or any one of their other fun designs head on over to Incoco's website where they retail for $8.99USD!  I still have 2 more sets of these that I'm super pumped to show you guys!

*Product sent for honest review.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Morse Code Nails!

These nails were a NIGHTMARE to do.  And if you think you know why they were a nightmare you are wrong.  It had nothing to do with the glitter by N.Nail which I got from KKCenterHk.

1) I did this manicure twice. I really wanted to used this glitter and do some Morse code.  Specifically Morse code tips.  But that didn't work out because the code was too long on my ring finger so I just replaced it with the actual letter.  I hand drew the dashes but they just turned out blah.  And to top it all off the black essence polish I used bubbled and then my top coat bubbled  So I just took it off.

2) Attempt number 2 I LOVE!  I think it looks fantastic!  I used OPI's Dating a Royal and it went on perfectly sans bubbles.  Also this time I did the codes vertically on my nails and they fit perfectly.  And to make sure my dashes were also perfect I taped it off and used Sally Hansen's Gilty Pleasure(I also used it in mani #1).  My problem was photographing it so I could show you it's beauty.  Glare city.  I must have taken maybe a few hundred photos.  That's also why my photos look more different than usual :P

That being said I love this glitter.  I got it in Jasmine Gold, because you can do a lot with gold, and I just really like this shade of gold.  It's not too yellow or orange.  The glitter is a tad on the bigger side of small at 2.5mm, but it applied easily.  And the pot it came in was quite large.  This will probably last me for a very long time.

One more thing:
_. = N
._ = A
.. = I
._.. = L
.. = S

 Attempt #1...*twitch twitch*

If you would like to grab a pot, head over here.  They retail for $8USD.  But you can use our coupon code 'varnishedvalkyrie' and get a 10% discount!

*product sent for honest review

Monday, 10 June 2013

Literary Lacquers Green Gables: Green, Glorious Green!

When I saw all 6 of the polishes from Literary Lacquers Anne of Green Gables collection this was the polish I knew just from looking at I would love!  It's kind of weird because overall I'm not much of a green person, but when it comes to polish I cannot get enough! Just like I can't get enough lobster.  Prince Edward Island loves some lobster...perfect segue.

Green Gables is named after a 19th century farm in PEI where the story takes place in and around. Not only is it a part of the book but it's a real farm on PEI.  The author  Lucy Maud Montgomery drew inspiration from it. 

Green Gables(the polish) is a forest green, linear, holographic polish.  The formula was a bit on the thin side.  I needed 3 coats for opacity, but I didn't mind because they were all thin coats and it dried super fast.  Like all of Literary Lacquers holos this looks stunning in the sun but the colour itself can stand on it's own if there is no sun around.

Bonus:  Amy of Literary lacquers posted this link on her facebook page.  It's a ton of different formats to download Anne of Green Gables(or you can even just read it online).  So if you haven't read it yet go and e-stuff it(or however one gets this stuff) into your reading device.

Anyways this was the last of the polish from Literary Lacquers Anne of Green Gables collection.  If you would like to buy Green Gables or any of the other polishes I have reviewed in the past week head on over to Literary Lacquers etsy page.  They each retail for $10.48 Canadian or $57.63 for the whole set of 6.  Thank you Amy for letting me review these.  They are all fantastic!  Can't wait to see what you get inspired by next!

*Product sent for honest review.

ALSO this is kinda random but this is the perfect post for it.  I don't know if you guys know about this but a few months ago an unauthorized publisher came out with a new cover for the book.  No.  She's a redhead!  And also what is that?  Someones instagram shot? And why is she being sexy? C'mon!

One of these things is not like the other.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial: Yes I am wearing a bright pink polish.

So I'm feeling much better.  My sore throat is gone but I keep sneezing!  Argh!

Enough about me.  Let's move on to a more important issue...The sun.  I got these polishes last Tuesday and there has not been sun out since then.  Normally I would like that,  but not when I have pretty holos to show!  Today the sun FINALLY decided to show its silly, hydrogen filled face.  Huzzah!

Today I have for you Raspberry Cordial.  Raspberry Cordial(check out this recipe) is what Anne thinks she serves to her best friend Diana Berry.  But in reality it was actually current wine, that of course made Diana drunk.  This happened to me once.  But it was rum...And I knew it was rum.

The polish is a bright pink linear holographic, with larger scattered holographic glitter as well as pink glitter.  Because of that it sort of reminds me a lot of Laters, Baby from Literary Lacquers The Good stuff collection.  I used 3 coats for full opacity, but you could get away with 2 or even a layer over a pink cream.  Now I'm not one for pink polishes(out of over 300 posts this is the 3rd time I've even reviewed a pink polish), but I really like this one.  I was standing in a dimly lit room and I could still see the larger scattered holo sparkling.  If you are a fan of pink this is something you need.  Consider this an order you pink lovers!

If you would like a bottle of Raspberry Cordial go over to Literary Lacquers etsy page.  The full size bottle retail for $10.61 Canadian.

First 2 photos in varying degrees of sunlight

 Last 2 photos are in natural lighting.

*Product sent for honest review 
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