Friday, 31 August 2012

Dalek Inspired and Galaxy Nails to Go With My TARDIS Dress: Vworrrp Vworrrrp! EXTERMINATE!

Doctor Who starts this weekend!  Who's going to be watching?

Anyways this past weekend I went to Fan Expo in Toronto.  Of course I had to dress up, and of course my nails had to go with my outfit.  I decided to go as the TARDIS.  So Robyn with her hands of magic made me one (BUT I CUT OUT THE STENCIL FOR THE POLICE CALL BOX SIGN AT THE TOP.  3 HOURS! But I got a sticker after). I'll post the dress in it's own post!  Because it's the Best!

Anyways for my nails I decided to do galaxy nails(Keeping with the Doctor Who and TARDIS theme) inspired by galaxy nails I saw on Chalkboard Nails.  They were more subdued, and cool toned.  And they were SUPER easy to do!  Then I did Dalek inspired accent nails.  Using my Dior Bronze Libertine and gold micro beads.  So it looked like the side of the Daleks that went after Nine and Ten!

Left Hand
Right Hand

I'll post what these are later! Also OPI's Black Onyx should be there.
Necklace I'm holding is from Charming Charm Jewelry. Which you can find here!   They have amazing stuff! Check them out!

Check out more Doctor Who manis over at Pointless Cafe.  They are all on InLinkz.  But InLinks HATES my blog. Sadness.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rodarte Inspired Nails

So despite the fact that I have a folder, on my desktop labeled 'Fashion'(which is full of mostly runway photos that I intended to use for nail inspiration), that has been collecting photos for almost 7 months now.  I have yet to actually sit down and do fashion inspired nails since February when I did my Diane von Fürstenberg nails, and Richard Chai nails. Until now. (Okay that's a bit of a lie.  I've done about 3 since then.  But they all turned out looking like poop so I never posted them).

I really just wanted something really simple to do.  So when I was rummaging through the folder and saw this Rodarte piece I knew I had to do it.  All I used was OPI's Onyx, and acrylic paint.  I was going to use Illamasqua Scorn to give it that leather look.  But I realized the paint would look like well, dry paint when it was dry.  And that would mean I would probably have to add topcoat to it making everything shiny.  My other thought was put a matte topcoat on top.  But then I realized that not only would the paint still look like dry paint but, since Scorn had no shimmer in it, it would also look like dry paint.  So it was plain black polish for me!

Ps.  Badass post tomorrow! Well I think it's badass.

Orly-Blue Collar: Shortest Blog Post Ever.

You have 0 excuses not to read it all.

Orly Hot Shot's mini. Sky blue. 2 coats. Shiny. Evens out nicely.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ruby Kisses-Steel Magnolia + OPI-I Lily Love You = Times Square After Midnight

So the only reason I bought I Lily Love you is because back when I was in NYC last September I was going to a taping of Anderson Coopers talk show and I wanted to change my nails up.  George had ILLY you and And I had Steel Magnolia.  I don't know why but I decided to layer them.  I loved it! It reminded me of photos I had seen of Times Square after midnight, after the confetti, and after every one had left. Well minus all the disgusting garbage.

Steel Magnolia is a charcoal gray packed with silver shimmer (that flashes the dreaded teal).  The formula is fantastic.  To EASY coats.

ILLY is a very pale pink jelly packed with iridescent flakies and glitter of all shapes and sizes.  I used two coats on my nails.  This was a mega bitch to take of.  One of the worst polishes to remove in my opinion.

 You can see the teal here.
And a bit here.
 With I Lily Love You.
 Wish the photos were a bit better.
But I didn't notice till after I took it off and uploaded the photos.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

NYX Girls - Collection Noir

So I don't really have a go to polish.  But I do have a group of polishes that I don't mind using up.  So I guess I have a bunch of go to's!  Anyways this is one of them.

I bought this when I was in NYC.  It's a black base filled with gold and green shimmer, that flashes pink.  And the formula is great.  It's a two coater!  But I do wish that in real life the shimmer was a tad more visible. It's not invisible but slightly more visible would have really made this polish.

The one thing I hate, hate, HATE about these polishes is that the labels are all black.  And the nams of each polish is on the back written in black.  So when you have a dark polish you can not read the label.  I had to look this up to see what the name was.

Sorry this wasn't very interesting.  Hopefully I have some interesting things up my sleeves for the next few days :)

You can see flashes of pink here!

Monday, 20 August 2012

A England Tristam: I lost my virginity! Again! Followed by a heart attack!

Well not my real virginity.  I lost that after a delightful night full of chicken wings.  Because that is how sexy times should always begin.  With food :) This week I lost my A England virginity.

Anyways I almost didn't post this today.  I did Day 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, and I felt like death after.  After not having exercised since high school this was hilariously difficult.  I may make some posts about it.  Because I feel like since I've told you guys I've started it I'll have to ACTUALLY go through with it.

Now onto the polish.  This isn't the first A England polish I bough but it's the first I've worn.  Tristam is a deep blue.  It looks like the night sky.  And it's full of scattered holo glitter.  I applied this is 2 coats but I did need to add thinner as it was a bit on the thick side.  Apart from that I would say is was gorgeous.  This is definitely a me colour.  Dark with a bit of something else to it!

Indoor with flash
 Indoor without flash
Natural light

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Essie Moonstruck - What's this? A white polish that dosen't make me want to cry?

My original title said "A white polish that doesn't make me want to pull my finger nails out with pliers"  But I thought that was too much.  At least for a nail blog.  So I put it here instead :D

So white polish eh? You know what I mean.  I find most white creams I use are giant bitches. They get goopy too fast. Or they're streaky.  Or they bubble.  Or they're some sick combination of all three.  But not this.  Oh no.  Not this.

I used 4 coats of Essie's Moonstruck. Granted as usual I could have gotten away with 3.  Moonstruck is a white with gray undertones.  So it's not white enough that it looks like correction fluid.  It has a softness to it.  Application was smooth and it evened itself out like something that easily evens itself out nicely.

So if you're looking for a white polish,  I think this is discontinued.  So you are out of luck...forever. I'm kidding.  Try Essie Marshmallow.  I heard that's good!

Monday, 13 August 2012

China Glaze - Lubu Heels: Feels? I don't know!!!

Sorry I haven't been commenting much.  I go through commenting binges when I have time.  Otherwise I don't comment all that much.  Just post and run.  Like after this I have to buy and kill a lobster!

Now back to the polish.  Lubu Heels is a black jelly filled with small red glitter.  I used 3 coats in the photos.  But I could have used 2 if I had used a slightly thicker first coat.

I don't know if I like this.  I feel like everyone LOVES it.  I've worn it once before and I took it off because I thought "Meh".  Then when I tried it this time I though "Okay I see why people like it".  Then as the day went on my feeling went back to "It's just ok".  Sun, natural light, it doesn't matter I always feel like it's just okay.

Are there any polishes out there that you think are "just ok" even though everyone else seems to go gaga over them?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

My one and only summer manicure: One Girl's Go At Saran Wrap, Pool Nails And Her Quest To Have The Longest Title For A Nail Blog Post Ever. Just Beacause. It's also a less weird thing to do than covering you nails with 50+ coats of polish. Remember that? I do. It was well worth it. I wonder if I could have written my post in the title? So I don't really like summer...

So I don't really like summer. I don't like heat, humidity, and the sun in general.  In my ideal world summer would not exist... and winter also wouldn't exist (minus on Christmas eve and ONE day in January but they would have to be one of those postcard snow fall days). 

Anyways the other day I saw Criminal Nails post.  She did pool nails using Saran Wrap. I decided I needed to do this.  Which is a surprise seeing as I go swimming in a pool maybe once every year(I actually like swimming just not what it does to my skin and hair). But it looked so neat.

My base was the turquoise by Essence, You Belong To Me.  Then I got a piece of Saran Wrap, scrunched it up and dipped it in a bit of Sally Hansen's pacific blue.  Then like you would when you are sponging.  I sponged/blotted it on. Easy as pie.  Alternatively after putting on your base coat you can cover it will a full coat of you second colour (like Criminal Nails did) and then blot it while the second coat of polish is still wet.

I thought it came out very summery.  It reminded me of a pool when the sun was shining through the water (What's that?  Do I hear heat rash?).  I really loved how this turned out.  I think I'll give it a go with other colour combos!  I'm also going to say these are Olympic pool nails.  There, now it's more topical.

 Love the bit of light on these last two nail shots.  Looks it really look like a sparkling pool.
 I covered part of a broken laptop protector and now I can throw polish and whatnot over it and replace the paper when it gets too dirty.  It's also nice and flat.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Essence - You Belong To Me: Pick A Colour! Any Colour!

Well I almost didn't post this.  When I was taking photos they all looked baby blue!  So I gave up.  When I was uploading a bunch of photos I was looking back at this and I realized they weren't nearly a bad.  So for your entertainment.  Here it is!

First off I hate the name.  I just hate it.  But I do like the colour.  YBTM is a light turquoise/green.  Hidden inside it is a fine shimmer.  I used 3 coats although I could have used 2.  Application was a tad goopy even after I used thinner in it. This is one of those colours that I need to be in the right mood to wear. Tomorrow I'll show you how I spiced it up! And I'll tell you why I hate what most people consider excellent weather.

Oh and check this photo out! I found it on my computer from about 3 months ago but never posted.  It's YBTM and Sinful Colors Nail Junkie on top of it.  It matched my dress to a T!

 Probably the most accurate shot as far as colour goes.

 This is how most of the photos I took looked.  leaning more towards blue.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Studded, Purple, Holographic Goodness aka Badass Chic Nails

Oh man.  I would have posted this earlier BUT I have feeling pretty gross all day.  It was one of my best friend birthdays.  And I overindulged in happy water (And meat...we went to  Korean grill...that has nothing to do with the drinking but it was fraking good).  And sent more than a few inappropriate texts before passing out.  That was my Monday (Granted it was a holiday so I feel a little less like a sad person).

Anyways let's get our faces back on track.  Yesterday I posted swatches for Sephora by OPI's Just a Little Dangerous.  I wore it for a day like that knowing I was going to bling it out for my friends birthday the next day.  Purple is her favourite colour and I wanted to make sure it was good and dry for when I put tape on it.

I figured this would be the time I use my OPI DS Original!  Having bought it dusty hunting in Montreal (but that's another story).  Recently on Nailside I saw she did a studded mani.  Which was funny because I had had actually been thinking of doing one but using microbeads.  So after I saw that I knew I HAD to do it.

I used tape and did the v-gaps, then I covered it in a coat of clear nail polish and carefully placed the beads one by one.  Finally I sealed it in with two coats of topcoat* so the beads weren't going anywhere.

I love it!  It turned out badass chic.  Is that a term?  If not it's MINE! I'm just sort of kidding.  And this was one hard polish to capture on camera.  Let me just say even the best photo I took pales in comparison the epicness it radiated in real life.

*I have heard that using topcoat can sometime dull the effect of holos.  Let me just say that after covering the holo with a coat of clear polish AND two coats of topcoat the holo effect was just as strong.

 Without the microbeads

 Microbeads without the flash

 With flash

 Bad sunlight photo but the holo looked stunning!
Dicking around with the camera settings.  I thought this was neat!
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