Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Femme Fatale - Spindleweb: Choosing nail polish undies is EXACTLY like choosing a wedding dress.

You know how they have those TV shows were we get to watch people choose their wedding dress?  And the moment they find their wedding dress they start sobbing. Well when I was trying to figure out what was the best base for Spindleweb was tried 4 different bases, the last one being Barry M Racing Green.  And that's when I understood what it was like to be a future bride... but not really. I saw them together and I thought "This is perfect".  I then wept... but not really. They just played so well together!

Femme Fatales Spindle web is of course a glitter.  It has a green tinted base full of green shimmer.  It is also totally composed of hex glitter ranging from tiny to large. They come in blue, green and lavender(although these pieces only come in tiny). And they range from matte to iridescent.  The formula on this was a tad tricky at first, as it was a bit thick.  But a couple drops of thinner cleared all of that up.  Either way I only ended up having to use 1 coat.  So far this is probably my favourite colour I have tried from them.  It reminds me of a murky but pretty swamp.

If you would like a bottle full size bottles are 12ml and you can find them online at Llarowe (USA), Harlow & Co (Canada),Shoppe Eclecticco & Beauty so Fly (Singapore), Ledouxnuage (France) and Norway Nails (Norway).  They are $13 USD but of course that price will vary slightly depending where you get them. And if you are in Australia you can order straight through them!

Ps.  Don't mind near my cuticles.  The Seche started to shrink the polish :(

 Sunlight/natural light


*Product sent for honest review

Monday, 29 July 2013

Police Nails - I'm done with Google adventures

This seemed like the natural progression of things.

The base is a perfect police blue, the he police tape is acrylic paint and a rollerball pen, and the hand cuffs are Orly Platinum Blush.  I actually had a hard time figuring out what to put on my thumb.  I started looking up "Things police carry with them" online as I wanted to put some thing a bit different on my thumb.  Everything I found I either ended up not wanting on my nails or it was just something I didn't feel I could draw.  That lead me to look up "What CSI carry around", but then I had to look things up specifically.  Originally when I put CSI in any form in my photo searches I mainly got promo for the TV show.  Now the thing is when you look up individual CSI items you start getting actual crime scene photos. So after 1 dead body I was done. FINALLY I gave up and tried to paint tiny handcuffs on a piece of paper.  I failed epically, went back to Google and searched handcuff nails where I found this.  Much easier then the more realistic looking cuffs I was trying to do :P

Anyways the moral of the story is my nails are pretty and the internet is sometimes filled with the things nightmares are made of... :D

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Femme Fatale - Planar Anomalies: What are you?!?!?

First off let me start off my saying Happy Birthday Mum!!! Because it's her birthday, but I'm sure you deduced that when I said Happy Birthday Mum.  Of course I am making her dinner tonight, a fish dish with salmon, swordfish, and tuna!  Along with some other yummies!

Now onto the polish. Femme Fatale Planar Anomalies, is quite the anomaly.  On the website it says that this colour is almost impossible to photograph.  I though "Pffffftttttt bring it on, I will capture you one way or another".  It's safe to say my photos show you pieces of this polish but I wasn't able to show you all the pieces together.  I failed you. *Hangs head in shame*.

Planar Anomalies is another glitter polish.  It has a black base that is full of micro shimmer that shifts between green-pink.  It is also full of tiny, small and medium holographic glitter and tiny, small, medium, large and extra large black matter glitter.  Indoors the polish is very unassuming.  It's like one of those people you see and you think, "There's something about you... I don't know what it is.  You're interesting to look at and you're pretty, but I feel like there's something else to you".  Then you see it in the sunlight and you think "You sparkly majestic creature you!".  (That sounded like Twilight, but my review has a much better storyline).  When I took it out in the sun the shift between green and pink was really there.  There was actually a lot of green shimmer going on but for some reason I could not get it on camera as I saw it.  Also another thing that this pictures don't show you is just how holo it was,  it was going super crazy in the sun.  And the black glitter isn't obvious, but you can see it.  It's has this really neat subtle look to it.  I decided to use one coat over my Essence black.  It was easy to put on but could get a bit finicky if you started playing with it.

Overall I really love this.  It is super unique and again like Tricky Treats was super easy to use especially when you see all the glitter in it.

If you would like a bottle full size bottles are 12ml and you can find them online at Llarowe (USA), Harlow & Co (Canada),Shoppe Eclecticco & Beauty so Fly (Singapore), Ledouxnuage (France) and Norway Nails (Norway).  They are $13 USD but of course that price will vary slightly depending where you get them. And if you are in Australia you can order straight through them!

 Best shot I could get of the holo
 Natural light, indoors
 One coat without base colour

*Product was sent for honest review.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bondi New York - NYPD: Bluetiful!

So Bondi New York is a new brand for me and in they are also new brand on the polish scene.  I had been eying their polishes for a little while now, and decided to take the plunge.  I bought 2 bottles from them NYPD and Lady Liberty. 

First let me say their polishes are all NYC themed(and 5-free!), which I love!  Last time I was there I found a street knife!  If you don't know what that is let me explain.  It's a knife, that you find lying around in the street.  Street knife!  That also could be the name of some amazing break dancing crew 0_o.

On the subject of knives the first polish I will be sharing with you is NYPD (Perfect segue!).  NYPD is a vibrant medium blue.  Similar to the blue the NYPD(New York Police Department) use. The formula was fantastic!  It was as if Apollo had a hand in making this. One medium coat was almost all I required, but had to add one more just to even out some minor patchiness.  Another thing I loved was it didn't bubble.  I didn't really wait much between coats and I was worried that maybe the first coat was too thick to be putting second coat on so soon.  But I decided to risk it and put the second coat on, and there was no sign at all of bubbling.

Overall I love this colour!  Colours like this(vibrant and not in bright neon territory) are favourites of mine!  In fact this will probably have to go in my top blue polishes list :) I will admit though at this point their polish selection isn't the most extensive colour wise, but the formula more than makes up for it. 

Have you tried Bondi New York?  Have you ever thought about what you would name your break dancing crew?
 Sunlight photos

 Light box photos

STREET KNIFE! (Ok technically it's on the sidewalk...)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Femme Fatale Tricky Treats: So THIS is glitter.

Of course I know what glitter is.  But up until now glitter to me was lots of circular shiny stuff, or hexagons.  Or sometimes it got really crazy and it was bar glitter, hexagons AND it was black and white.  INTENSE!  That was until I encountered Femme Fatale.  It is clear that up until now I had no idea what glitter really was.

Femme Fatale is an indie brand bases in Brisbane, Australia.  Not only do they make and sell their own cosmetics they also sell other international brands as well as well as national brands!

The first polish I have for you guys is Tricky Treats!  It's a glitter in an orange tinted base.  It contains bar glitter both in orange and holographic gold,  medium orange hex glitter, tiny orange glitter, small purple and red square glitter, tiny pink glitter and finally I don't know how many are in here but I found a single orange heart.   It's a true mélange of shapes and sizes.  And for something that is so jammed packed with glitter I was super pleased with the formula.  I only used one coat over NYC 120A, a purple shimmer(It's old so it has a number rather than a name).  And it applied easier than a lot of more tame glitters I own.  Also a bonus is that it is 3-free!

All in all I really like this and can't wait to wear it around Halloween.  I want to layer it over a squishy purple.  In general I'm not a huge glitter person, but I've slowly found myself liking them more and more!  I'm excited to show you the others I have!

Full size bottles are 12ml and you can find them online at Llarowe (USA), Harlow & Co (Canada),Shoppe Eclecticco & Beauty so Fly (Singapore), Ledouxnuage (France) and Norway Nails (Norway).  They are $13 USD but of course that price will vary slightly depending where you get them. And if you are in Australia you can order straight through them!

Do you guys have any Femme Fatale polish?

*Product sent for honest review

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Flash Giveaway Answer & Winner!

First let's look at some of the musical groups that you guys guessed but are NOT my favourite:

One Direction.  No.
Backstreet Boys.  Not my favourite but I do think they are amazing!
Abba.  I have never mentioned Abba on this blog.  And yet it came up more than once.
The Lumineers and Killswitch Engaged. I don't know who any of the people are.
Les Misérables.  That's not even...
Take One.  This isn't a thing.  Unless it's a Take That/One Direction hybrid!

Take That.  Sorry guys!  They are very close to the top but they are not my favourite.

And now for my all time favourite musical group!  Are you ready?

Drumroll please!


Most of you actually got this!  Take That was the second most common answer, which isn't surprising.  While I love Take That and do loads of manis inspired by them, Queen takes the crown.  I have mentioned it twice on the blog. Once in an actual Freddie Mercury post and it's also in my section in the about us portion.  By now I'm guessing you want know know who won!  Well fear not, the winner is...

Drumroll again please!

Aralyn D!  She already responded to our email (Huzzah!) so she is for sure the winner!  Congrats Aralyn!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ps.  I didn't realize so many people thought Evita was ALW's worst musical.  I was always indifferent to it.   Cats takes the cake for me.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Nail Night!: Are you giving me hamburger nails?

So Robyn and I decided to have a nail night the other night.  The plan was simple.  Have a few drinks and do each others nails, but the other person had no clue what they were going to get.  But long story short, Robyn gave me pretty orange, black and gold nails and I gave her burger nails.

With real sesame seeds.

What did you expect from me?  Normal?

Robyn's manicure she did for me was an orange skittle design.  I personally don't do many skittle because for some reason coming up with ideas for more than two nails that are different is difficult for me. I loved the orange she used.  I can't think of the name right now but it's from a recent OPI collection.  The black studs did bleed a bit I should add.  But to my surprise the black striping tape did not!  I Don't know where she bought it but it held up well!

Note from Robyn: The orange is OPI A Roll In The Hague, stamped/striped with Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold, and the glitter is Milani 531 Gold. Striping tape from Born Pretty Store.The studs are from this fun little package that I got for my birthday!

These are burger nails.  I did them for Robyn.  They are majestic.  I used OPI's Over the Taupe, acrylic paint and sesame seeds.  I had to buy a bagel bun and scrape them off.  I treated the seeds like I would nail studs.  Then I finished with top coat so they didn't fall off/get wet.

Note from Robyn: I just finished watching Metalocalypse and all I could think was HAMBURGER TIME.

Do you guys ever have nail nights?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Flash Giveaway! Trivia Edition!

So George is going away to the America again(she was just there), so we decided to have a little giveaway since shipping from there is much cheaper!  You can win this cute mini glitter set from Kleancolor!

Black OutV.I.P., Kiss Goodbye, Grande Finale(5th picture), 24 Carat, Peaceful Heart. Minus Peaceful Heart none of the links are ours.  But you should totally check out the other peoples fab blogs too!

All you have to do to in order to win is answer one trivia question correctly and follow us.  The question is:

What is Kas's favourite musical group? (Answer in the widget NOT the comment section of the blog)

Here are the detailed rules:

1) International(minus countries that have shipping restrictions.  Here's looking at you Italy)
2) Must be a follower.
3) Must answer trivia question in Rafflecopter widget (DO NOT POST IN COMMENT SECTION IT WILL BE DELETED).
4) Ends Monday at Midnight EST.
5) Winner must answer within 24 hours.
6) 3 entries can be earned.  But the only way you can win this prize is by getting the trivia question question correct.  So your comment entry can be the chosen one but if your trivia answer is wrong you are no longer the winner.
7) If no one gets the answer the prize will be put aside and we will have another flash giveaway with it in the near future.  A lot of people got it so far, so we will have a winner!
8) ETA MUST ADD YOUR EMAIL SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU!  I completely forgot to put that in the widget originally.  If you already entered and didn't do this(I know how many there were before I added this) either add it and if you don't I will go through those people and if you got the trivia question correct I will add a bonus point.  If you win hopefully your email you used for rafflecopter is one you check.  And if one of those people win we will be more lenient with the 24 hour response time.  Sorry!

Good Luck!

 This is our package.  It's new and unopened.  The only reason I posted out photo second is because I though the picture I took of them was blah.  I will hopefully find swatches later today. Swatches above.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nicole By OPI - Vio-Let's Tak About Red: 39 hours awake. I'm fine.

Just for kicks I decided to write this review after not sleeping for 39 houts, just for fun.  I have also not decided to edit the text.  Ihaven't even taken photos of the polish yet!  But I'm wearing it so it's all good.

First of I don't remember the name of the polish at the moment.  But it's Nicole by OPI.  I'm not going to pot this right away so I'll put it up in the title when I actually do post it.  This name of the polish really describes the polish.  This would make all the sense if I could remember it.  But <Insert polish name> is a purple with pink undertoes and fine pink shimmer.  I had to use 3 coats for full coverage.  I was worried after the first coat because it looked quite pink.  And as you know I'm not much of a paink gal.  But after the second coat everything was fine as it leant more towards purple.  This is probably the girliest colour I have actually really liked. Normally I wouldn't have given this polish a second thought, but it was given to me as a gift!

*at that point something distracted me and I stopped writing.  I eventually went to bed 2 hours later*

Annnnnyyyyywwwaaayyyyysss  I pretty much said everything I had to say about the polish in my sleep deprived state.  The only other things I want to mention are 1)Even though I did use three coats the formula was excellent. 2)In the photos the polish leans pink.  In real life it is more purple, closer to how it looks in the last photo. 3) I clearly didn't remember the name of the polish last night.  I said the name of the polish describes the polish.  It does not.  Mainly because it says Red.  This polish is a pinkish-purple with no signs of Red.

What colour polish do you normally not wear? How long is the longest you have stayed awake for.  I was up for 58 hours once.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Monarch has many ways to sting!

I love cartoons. Especially inappropriate cartoons. The Venture Bros is a long-standing favourite. When season 5 was (FINALLY) announced, oh man, a handful of friends and I were pretty much barfing with excitement.

If you're not familiar with the show, here's a quick summary: it's a parody of Jonny Quest-style boy adventurer 60's cartoons, put in a present-day setting with heaps of modern cynicism. The plot revolves revolves around Hank and Dean Venture, teenaged sons of failed superscientist Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, who lives bitterly in the shadow of his own very successful father. Every superscientist worth his salt needs an arch-villain...enter THE MONARCH!

 Pictured here with his faithful and way-smarter companion Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. He's the best villain in the history of villainy. He's obsessed with butterflies, while demonstrating limited understanding of them. Go watch it. You will hurt yourself laughing.

 Colours used: Orly Liquid Vinyl, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Orly Androgynie. Acrylic paint for the butterfly, rhinestones for shazam.
 You can see some drag on the crown  :(

 This kind of looks horrible close up. But from a standard hand-to-face distance, it's good.

If you're not sold on this show yet, just watch this:

Any Venture fans in the house?

ALSO just to let you all know, I think my camera is about to die. I have no means to replace it, so unless I can get it repaired for cheap, I may not be around for a while. Going to try to make it last for a while longer but who knows!
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