Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eye See Slime!

First off(and most importantly) let me say to everyone being affected by hurricane Sandy I hope you are all keeping safe!  So far where I am it has just been overly shitty weather.

Next up I did a show the other day and of course my nails were Halloween themed.  Since there's only a few days left for till Halloween I want to get all my Halloween nails out of my system!

So on my left hand I did blood shot eyes(note how they are actually bloodshot) to get that bloodshot look I sponged on Cult Nails Quench after having dipped a makeup sponge in acetone.  I don't know what but it always kind of irks me when I see blood shot eyes that are totally white. I'm picky.  Then on my right hand I just did some slime over black.  Quick and easy.

I really liked how these turned out.  Especially the eyes!

Does anyone here also do completely different manicures on each hand sometimes?

(L-R) On my left hand I used Claire's Snowball, Cult Nails Quench, and acrylic paint.  Then for the right hand I used Orly Iron Butterfly and acrylic paint.


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