About Us

We've known each other for almost 20 years. It's time we did a blog together.


By trade I'm a comedienne, actor, and a writer.  My dream is to one day be on a show I created and wrote for the BBC preferably.

Apart from me obviously being in to nails I'm also a HUGE fan of man/boy bands who aren't One Direction or N'sync. Give me Take That or Backstreet Boys any day (I'm a sucker for men who can sing and have hit puberty... and who aren't N'sync). But Queen will always trump man/boybands.  I'm also a hugh TV buff.  I'm into mostly comedy and shows that are no longer on the air.  I'm also into fashion and refer to my 5 inch pumps as my comfy shoes.

Now you should probably know this, when it comes to beauty(mostly makeup) I'm like a dance teacher.  I don't wear it a lot, but I  know what looks good.

I should warn you at times I can be very open in general.   So if you don't like that sort of stuff I suggest you leave now.


I'm funny!  If you can't tolerate my love for Take That, get out.  Comedy on TV today isn't what it used to be (Although Parks and Rec needs more love). Heels = <3. Yay makeup!


I am a starting-out actress. I love Shakespeare and other classical theatre as well as contemporary stuff by playwrights like Neil Labute and Judith Thompson. But Shakespeare is my one true love. If he were alive today, I'd be the girl sitting outside his apartment with binoculars.

I'm an avid reader who spent a year working as a library assistant, so I'm always on the lookout for new things to read. My favourite author is Gregory Maguire.

I am a huge fan of Laura Linney, and she's basically my idol and my image of the perfect woman.  When we had our high school prom, I copied her 2005 Oscar hair.

I love to cook and bake and around the holidays I sell a lot of cakes and cookies. I am attempting to learn to better decorate cakes and I am pretty pumped about having another fun skill under my belt. I read cookbooks like they're novels, and I love it.

I love kids and have been working with them for a while now. I'm basically a giant 5-year-old in my heart.

I have the loudest voice in the world, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing whatever gene governs one's "indoor voice."


Robyn makes custom clothes for really cool people who like wearing weird stuff. When she's not a one-woman sweatshop, she can be found hula hooping, knitting, watching Star Trek, or at some gross karaoke bar. She lives on Tumblr.
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