Friday, 23 May 2014

Sinful Colours: Zeus - Thank You!

I just want to say THANK YOU ALL for your comments on my last post. I originally didn't know if I should post it, because it was an in the heat of the moment kind of thing. But I'm glad I did and I'm glad it got such a positive response! Thanks Again!

This post is gonna be quick! Today I have Sinful Colors Zeus! I was really happy to get my hands on this Aka George gave it to me as I couldn't find it. This is a beautiful periwinkle with pink shimmer. I love this because the shimmer isn't obvious, but it isn't totally hidden. This is a nice safer colour with a bit of flair :P For this mani I needed 3 coats for total coverage.

Do you like colours with shimmer that is on the subtle side?


Monday, 19 May 2014

Dear (some of the) Nail Art Community, I see you and your selective hate.

Now I'm sure if you've been hanging around the nail community for a while you remember that whole hoopla about bullying other people about things like not cleaning up. Everyone and their dog made a huge deal out of it. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but one thing I have noticed increasingly amongst people in the nail community is:

Being a bully is bad, if you don't like something don't look or comment. UNLESS the majority of us don't like what we see. In that case feel free to make whatever comment you like, because it is no longer bullying, it is a personal opinion.

Honestly a nail newbie could show how they did a simple flower dotticure for the first time, and their application could be horrific. If one person even dares question the application they are suddenly thrown out to the dogs. Another person could post their intricately done duck feet nails and 90% of the comments would simply be "Ew that's gross".

BOTH these people worked hard, and chances are BOTH these people were proud of their work. Enough so to share it with other people. So why is it ok to put down one?

I get that everyone has a say on things. You are not obligated to like everything you see, but know that just because it is not something the majority of people are into doesn't mean there's not someone out there who likes it a lot. If you don't like something, great. It's easy to not say "Ew," or "That's really ugly." And honestly if you feel the need to comment something as simple as "This isn't something I would do, but you did a great job/it's very creative" goes so much farther. You get out the point that it's not your thing, AND at the same time you show that you are respectful. Depending on the manicure even saying something like "That's insane!" goes a lot farther than "Ummmm no."

Art as a whole is subjective. Like what you like and don't like what you don't like, but do not make others feel bad because what they like is not what you like. Nail art can be pretty, it can be ugly, it can be sparkly, it can be dull, it can be plain, it can be detailed, it can be practical, or impractical. There is no right or wrong box. Nail art is an expression of someone's creativity. When no one is getting hurt I think stifling someone's creativity is one of the worst things you can do.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

*Singing* Be a friend to the earth, cuz you know how much it is worth. It's worth more than gold. It's worth more than jewels. So help clean it up, AND DON'T BE A FOOL. Be a friend to the earth.

I kid you not that was a song my class wrote when I was maybe 8. I figured because of the title this would be one of the only times I would get to share this just missed out on the top 100, songs of the 90's you might have missed.

Anyways this post in no way apart from the song has anything to do with me being a friend to the earth. Not that I'm not her friend, I just prefer calling her my acquaintance. I mean we get along but I wouldn't call her a friend yet. Back on topic! My nails! So I had a really hard time wanting to take off the last mani. I ended up wearing them for almost a week. By the time I took remover to my fingers I had already taken off the studs the night before. When I took them off I though "You look fine", so I  kept them. Long story short the black studs in this manicure are the exact same set of studs I had used in my previous gradient and black manicure! I figured why not use them again if I'm only going to get 50. Not only that but they hold up just fine, like they have never been used before!

Do you guys reuse nail art supply's like studs? I like saving larger studs and of course stuff along the line of charms.

Monday, 5 May 2014

I've done it again! Another set of "Never want to take you off" nails!

I'm super excited with these nails, because I am super happy with how they turned out. They are amazing and they really are pure magic. There is nothing you can say that will change my mind.

So I came up with this idea when I got these 8mmx3mm black diamond studs from KKCenterHk. First I painted my nails white and then did a gradient(Purple, pink, orange, yellow). That alone wold have been pretty, but as I was feeling daring I added the studs, AND black lines(and on some of the fingers triangle to fill in some awkward space at the bottom). They turned out perfectly.

I applied the studs like I normally do, by dipping a dotting tool in a bit of clear polish and sticking them on my nail. Even though these studs were larger than normal studs I have used in the past they were just as easy to pick up. My one mistake was sticking them on with nail glue that you had to brush on. I did this because they were larger and I really wanted them to stay on, but when the glue dried it became a bit visible. Next time I will either use glue that you can put on in tiny droplets or just clear polish. On the first night I had these on I actually used gloves in the shower, because I was finger detangling my hair. While I did have two coats of top coat on I was still scared they would snag in my hair and pull off. That being said I don't think I had anything to worry about.  Here I am 4 days and 3 showers later and they are still going strong! ETA: Right before I posted this I actually picked the studs off. They are in good enough shape that I can wear them again.

The studs retail for $4.26USD and I think they are great for anyone who loves nail studs. And if you would like a discount our code is 'varnishedvalkyrie', but I'm not sure if it has been extended yet. It should be soon if it does not work right away.

 You can kind of see the glue in the photos, on the middle and ring fingers. The light is reflecting off a bump the glue created in between the black lines.

 There are around 50 in a package.
 This is how I detangled my hair in the shower the first night I had these nails on. Rubber gloves that I taped around my wrists.

*Product sent for honest review

Sunday, 4 May 2014

May The Forth B- Ha! I don't care. Here are some Doctor Who nails!

I realized that I HAVEN'T POSTED ANT DOCTOR WHO NAILS THIS YEAR! <Insert shocked humanoid cat emoji> I KNOW! I was originally going to do some regeneration nails back when Eleven regenerated but they kind of turned out to be flops so I took them off. Also I'll be honest the actual episode kind of killed some of my inspiration. I did not like that regeneration sequence. Blah, I'm am sound like a bitter Who snob sometimes.

So I still wanted to do Who nails, so I decided to go back to a simpler time. A time when Ten, Donna,  Donna's sass and sketchy looking SFX still roamed through time and space. I decided I needed to do an Adipose mani from the episode Partners in Crime. If you don't know what an Adipose is you are missing out on a lot. Adipose are the most adorable blobs of fat you will ever see!


For this manicure I used Sephora-212 from Sephora By OPI and acrylic paint for the Adipose.  These were super easy to do as they are just blobs. Blobs of fatty happiness.

Sephora-212 on it's own.

Well I hope everyone has a great forth day in this month of May!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Black and White Cartoon Nails

I almost just scratched out my eye with my nail! But luckily my nail JUST missed my eye by a hair, and I ended up scratching my eyelid directly above my lashes. Crisis averted.

Today I have some nails I did a while ago(at this rate I'm going to be saying on almost every post as I'm backed up with posts galore). It's another set of black and white nails(aka the best kind of the moment).

This is my first set of cartoon nails, and I decided that I wanted to do something that was not the typical red. So I went with black and white(I mentioned that right? That I used black and white?) because I had yet to see it done like this.

In order to get this look I painted my nails white, then I painted the center chunk black all the way up to the tip. Then I painted over the tip in white. Next I went back and tried to fix up anything that was too uneven. Finally I topped it off with some matte topcoat!

I really do love how it turned out even if it's not perfect. But I think this is something I want to try again at some point. I would love to try it again with a red! I think I'll always have a soft spot for black and white.

Friday, 2 May 2014

More Bunnies(but of the dust kind) - My Sneeziest Manicure Yet!

One thing I haven't done in a while is just a really weird manicure. I actually wasn't planning on doing this but other ideas fell through.

1)When I originally chose the eyeballs for review from KKCenterHk I had a REALLY cool idea. It's a shame I completely forgot what it was.
2)My next idea was to add them to some cat water decals. Because cats with googly eyes are AMAZING! But the cats were to small and it was less funny when it was a cat body with an eye head.
3)My next idea was add them to water decals I had of random thing like lips, sunglasses and mustaches. Because googly eyes on inanimate objects is EVEN MORE AMAZING! Buuuttt I could not for the life of me find them.

So I ended up with these Dust Bunnies. Made from actual dryer lint! It was easy to place the lint on, and I did it in a similar manner to when you would use flocking powder. Then I put 2 dots of nail glue and stuck the eyes to them using a dotting tool dipped in clear polish.

The googly eyes are 3mm in diameter. They are the smallest you can get. I honestly think )for me at least) any bigger and they would be overwhelming. I stuck these on with nail glue because I don't think these are something I would top coat, as they are tall(3 maybe 4mm). They are also a bit harder to pick up then most studs, because when you lay them out they almost always end up on their sides. I also found it easier once they were on the nail to press them gently with my fingers. You don't have to worry about ruining the rest of the design because again, they are so high. On the website it says each jar comes with 40pcs, but there has to be at least 150 in here, if not a bit more.

If you would like your very own jar of eyes, head on over to KKCenterHK where they retail for $5 USD. You can also try and use our discount code(listed on the left sidebar), BUT I'm not sure if it has been extended yet or not. I'll place the code in here when I know for sure.
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