Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday The 31st!

I have today manicure from one of my favourite horror series, Friday the 13th! My favourite movies from the series would have to be the first film, and Jason X(EVERYTHING IS BETTER IN SPACE). For this I kept it simple. I did a forest and cabin scene on most of my nails, because everything leads back to camp Crystal Lake. And of course I had to include the iconic hockey mask.

Anyways I hope everyone is having/had/going to have a great and safe Halloween!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

A-Z Challenge - Angles: Zombie Stitching

For the first time ever I'm going to try and do a challenge. One of the reasons I have never attempted one before is because a lot of them involve posting a manicure every day or even a few times a week. Which is something I can't guarantee seeing as (let's be real) I'm a little all over the place when it comes to posting. So the challenge I am doing is the A-Z Challenge. It is once a week(aka something I can stick to) and each week the prompts are the next letter of the alphabet. Today we have Angles.

I had actually decided last week that all my post this week would be Halloween related. So when I was trying to come up with an idea I went back in time(literally) and decided this would be the perfect time to redeem myself and recreate something I did almost 2 years ago to the day.

I guess you would call this Zombie stitching. The original version I did was shameful. I know it was two years ago, but even back then I knew that the original was a big flop. The current one is leaps and bounds better!

I started off with a base of Essie's Sew Psyched(just like in my original), then I did all the places the flesh was separating in red acrylic paint, followed by the stitches is black acrylic paint. Then I topped it off with Born Pretty's matte topcoat, and finished by going over the wounds with Cult Nails Quench to give it more of a wet blood look.

So tell me what you think of my recreation! And while you are at it go tell the other people participating in the challenge how much you love their manicures!

Here is the original from 2 years ago. *facepalm*

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Haloween Classic (On my RIGHT hand as well!!!)

I feel like this is something almost everyone does at one point or another. A graveyard scene. I actually did one last year(but let's not talk about that mess). This year I decided to do a gradient. I was at first conflicted. Do I want a purple gradient or a black gradient? I ended up stumbling across a graveyard manicure that wasn't a gradient but it used only black white and gray with the only colour being a pumpkin. So I decided I would do my original idea in a black gradient and the only colour would be the jack-o-lanterns features.

I also decided not to tell you who I was inspired by. I was having trouble finding their blog when I was trying to find a link so I could credit. Long story short, the reason I couldn't find any was because they had deleted all their accounts because they had been caught stealing peoples posts.

So I would like to credit this to whoever that person probably stole the idea from.

Here is my right hand. I'm really happy with it as it's the first time I have done nail art using my non dominant hand(not including lines using tape or dots).

Monday, 27 October 2014

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!”

Today I have a simple manicure that was inspired by Wacky Laki's Frankenstein manicure. Loved how this turned out. It was SUPER simple and took no time and all. The green polish is Sinful Colors Hey, You! and the black accent nail is Orly Liquid Vinyl.

I only just realized October is almost over. I'm mostly sad about this because I feel like I didn't immerse myself in the Halloween spirit enough. And by immerse I mean I didn't watch enough horror films. I know I can watch them during all the other months, but there is something special about watching horror movies in October.

Cell Phone Photo(You can see the stitches a bit better)

Friday, 24 October 2014

I'm A Spoopy GHOST!

Sorry for my absence. I've been kind of all over the place the past couple weeks, but I'll save that story for another time.

Boo! I'm Spoopy!

Today I have something a bit different. I have these MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Masks from They are actually run by! Now I have never used facial masks before so I had no idea what to expect. Their line has six different sheet masks to address different skin concerns. All Nighter, Detox Diva, Weather Warrior, I Don't Wanna Grow Up, Beauty Rest'ore and Pre Party Prep. I ended up choosing the first three I listed to review.

Let's just get some basic stuff that applied to all the masks at once. They are described as "Hydrating facial sheet masks made from a thin fiber sheet. The facial sheet mask is designed to allow better absorption of vitamins and nutrients it contains." The best way I can describe them is they are like thin pieces of smooth felt, soaked in hair gel. They all have the same application process. 1) Clense and tone your skin 2) Unfold mask and place on face, and adjust for perfect fit. Rub excess serum into neck and chest 3)Leave on for 10-20min. Remove and discard mask. And either pat moisture into skin or rinse and then pat dry. 4) Use once a week, but can be used daily. Now onto talking about them individually.

All Nighter
Whether you were up all night studying or out all night partying, we’ve got you covered to face the long day ahead. Apply our ALL NIGHTER mask to awaken, refresh and replenish your skin. The cooling effects of the mask will help de-puff and awaken your eyes, while natural Peppermint Oil awakens your senses. Aloe, Argan Oil, Heartleaf (a powerful detoxifier), Honey, Super Fruit and Cactus Extracts work together to erase the signs of the previous night and get you “boardroom” ready!

If you have followed my blog for a while you know that at times sleep can be a problem for me. So there's many a night, when I don't get the amount of rest that I need. So I felt like this was an obvious choice. This ended up probably being my favourite. Not only did my skin feel great after using it, but that peppermint oil is amazing. You really do feel more awake after using it. When I took the mask off I rinsed it off a bit then patted it dry.

Detox Diva
Gone are the days of using harsh scrubs and drying clays. Our DETOX DIVA mask (formulated with natural Geranium Oil, Seaweed and Green Tea Leaf Extracts) helps to minimize pores, absorb impurities and protect from toxins and free-radicals without removing your skin’s essential natural oils. Chinese Plum, Strawberry and Lemon Fruit Extracts go to work to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin cells revealing clear luminous skin, while Argan Oil and Honey keep your skin happy and hydrated.

I used this one next because it sounded like one that I would use as a general go to. While this made my skin feel great I feel like for this one to work it's magic I would have to use it a bit more often. That being said I still liked it. It was a bit heavy on the lemon scent(for me), but that was no biggie. When I was done with this, I skipped rinsing it off and patted it into my skin.

Weather Warrior
Whether you’ve spent the day baking on the beach or skiing down the slopes, your skin has taken a beating. Exposure to damaging elements such as harmful UV rays, wind and extreme cold can leave your skin dry, flaky and screaming SOS! Caring for and moisturizing your skin after exposure to the elements is essential. Apply our WEATHER WARRIOR mask with Aloe, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Argan Oil to help soothe, calm and heal your skin allowing it to breathe a sigh of relief.

This was sadly my least favourite. First the smell. I have these pore strips that have this kind of medicine like smell. These smelt like a mild version of them. I took it off, and then patted what was l decided to skip rinsing again and pat it into my skin. But unlike the other two I ended up with my skin feeling tight and feeling like I need to moisturize it. Which is a shame because I thought this would be the most moisturizing out of the bunch.

Over all I REALLY liked these. Dare I say even more than I expect to? All of them feel AMAZING on your skin while you are wearing them, and they kept their gelly, moistness, for the whole 20 minutes I was wearing them. Minus the Weather Warrior, my face still felt great and moisturized after I had taken off the mask. I will probably get the All Nighter and Detox Diva again. And I would love to try Beauty Rest'ore!

Anyways if you would like to try these you can get a mask at over here, where they retail for $6CND!
Have you tried this brand before? Have you tried face masks before?

*Products sent for honest review

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A different kind of Halloween manicure...0_o


This is my entry for Nail Polish Canada's Halloween Nail Art contest! It's actually a manicure I wanted to do a while ago, but I never really had the perfect opportunity to. UNTIL NOW! So my manicure is kind of an homage to to gory slasher films. Now I have done weird nails before, but I REALLY wanted to up the weird(and gore) and make them as nasty as possible and push the limits of art.

First I started with a base of Essence Sweet as Candy, then I did the bloody "HEL-" and the bloody hand print with acrylic paint. Everything else you see is done with real blood. My blood(aka. The art supply that keeps on giving).

No Topcoat

Top Coat

Original Nails. "Needs more blood"

My mother was a nurse so I actually asked her if she had something I could use to get blood and not give myself an infection. She then showed me how to use the needle of her blood sugar monitor. She also had some needles for syringes(everything was already sterilized). When the time came I chickened out and couldn't use the machine. I decided to go with the syringe needle. First I wiped all my fingers down with alcohol, then came the hard part. Stabbing myself. After many failed attempts and gingerly poking my finger I gave up. Luckily for me as I was putting the cover back on the needle I missed and stabbed myself in the thumb :D The minute I saw blood my first thought was "MUST USE THIS FOR ART!". When that stopped bleeding I looked at the mani and I thought it needed more blood. So I sucked it up, and I took my middle finger and forcefully tapped the needle. Success! Originally I was going to use a nail art brush, but it turns out blood is a bit too thin to work with. So I ended up letting the blood roll down my fingers a bit and using the fingers on my other to apply it. Another thing that came as a surprise was how hard it was to get blood out of my cuticles. When I was done I added an older topcoat that was almost done and sealed it all in. And I actually wore it for a few hours, but I could smell that metallic-y smell that blood has.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Candy Corn. The Worst Kind of Corn.

Up until last year candy corn was this mythical thing to me. I had always associated it with Halloween, but I had never really seen it before, so obviously I had never tried it before either. But last year all of that changed. My friends mother sent her a tin of candy, which included candy corn. So I knew I had to try it.

It was disgusting.

I can safely say it was one of the most vile things I have ever tried. I can only assume licking the bottom of Satan's, well worn, devil boots would be a more pleasant experience. I would even go as far as saying it's slightly worse than eating fondant off a cake.

For this I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Pull over, as well as China Glaze Staked to be Soaked.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Worst Collector Ever

So I have been collecting polish for almost three years now. I don't have a huge collection(by nail folk standards), but I do have way more than any other normal person. When I buy polish I am a bit picky about what I get. I could care less that x polish is super popular, if I don't absolutely love it I just can't buy it. I am a selective collector! Well I FINALLY decided that I needed to add a proper yellow and orange to my collection. Yes, you herd me correctly. In all my years of collection polish I have never actually bought a yellow or orange polish! I currently own two yellows(One was sent for review and is pretty much done, and the second I bought in a four pack because I wanted two of the other colours) and three oranges(Two were gifts and one was part of the four pack I just mentioned). So I decided what better time to loose my orange/yellow virginity. Because you are never too old(NO MATTER WHAT SOCIETY SAYS!)

First up I have Sinful Colors Pull Over, originally from their 2011 spring Tropical Ecstasy, but seen more recently in their Boldacious Collection. This is a taxi cab yellow. The formula was a bit runny, and this took me three coats. It's not the best formula, but it is ok. And because I mainly just want this in case I ever need a base for art I am ok with that.

Next up I have China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked, from their 2014 Stoked to be Soaked summer collection. When I picked this polish up the store I originally found it in was selling it for 20% off. Since I wasn't looking for a specific orange I decided I would wait to see if I found something cheaper. I then decided to check out a beauty supply store and just rummage through their sale bin. Lo and behold, what was looking right up at me with its toxic fume eyes, but this little guy. Not only that but it was 70% off! WEEEEEE! SALES!

What colours do you not on many of?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Roses are red, violets are- Wait no my roses are pink. The poem is irrelevant now.

Funny story(but not really). It's a nice surprise getting comments from you guys. And I mean it when I say surprise. I've started binge blogging(it's like binge drinking, but you feel a lot better the next morning). I will do maybe 5-7 blog posts at once and then schedule them, just so I have stuff for a while and I don't have to worry about it. That's not to say I don't do any non scheduled posts and move stuff around. But sometimes with the scheduled posts, and my insertion of new posts into the mix things get moved around and I totally forget about something I scheduled eons ago. For example I TOTALLY forgot about my Robbie Williams Nails and my Louboutin Nails until I got comments :P

Non-funny story aside let's get onto the nails! Today I have these Rose nails. It's only the second time I have done floral nails, but I love how they turned out! I originally was wearing just the green polish(Essie Sew Psyched) for an audition. When that was done I added the flowers to it with acrylic paint(I used bright pink and green. Then to make the pink lighter I added white, and to make the green darker I added black). I looked at a few tutorials, and honestly they were pretty much all the same general idea. If you would like to try this just google 'Rose Nail Art Tutorial' and I'm sure you'll find one you like. I then added some rhinestones to my index and pinky finger. Now the story of those rhinestones is actually a funny one.

So how was my second attempt at flowers?

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