Saturday, 4 February 2012

Zoya's Julieanne

What's that? Fist Zoya post? Woot!

Anyways Zoya's Julieanne is a STUNNING royal purple (Ie the best kind of purple :P) packed full of glitter. It's full of gold duochrome goodness... but alas, it's only in the bottle you see it.  But that doesn't make the polish any less stunning! Formula was a breeze.  It went on smoothly in 2 coats.

I found this polish at Trade Secrets after weeks of trying a few months ago.  The minute I stopped trying to look I found it hidden with a bunch of other Zoya's!

See the duochrome goodness I was talking about in the bottle?


  1. Very pretty! I wish Zoya's were easier to come by where I live. They are $14 here and only sold in one salon.

    1. That stinks. Even more so because I noticed you're from Canada too! And where I am so long as you can find a Trade Secrets (there's quite a few) you have maybe a 90% chance of finding Zoya for $9.99.


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