Sunday, 12 February 2012

Essie's Innocent

Well Valentines day is almost here.  So here's a pink by Essie.

I'm super festive.

Well that sounded bitter.  Not to worry I'm not, I'm just not huge on Valentines day.  I mean we all know that Pride is the big holiday next to Christmas (It's srs business guys... not even joking).

Anyhoo this is a dusty pale pink cream by Essie called Innocent.  At first when I saw it I was unimpressed.  Pinks just really aren't me.  But when I put it on *swoon*.  It's packed full of pink micro shimmer that flashes blue.  It's the perfect SFW polish.  It's delicate with a little something extra.  I used 3 coats in the swatches.  And even though this bottle was kinda old the polish itself went without any problems.

Ps.  Sorry for my dry hands and my inablilty to clean up my nails after filing them.

See the pretty shimmer in the bottle?

Now it's on the nails!

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