Monday, 13 February 2012

Lost My Water Marbling Virginity!

What better time to do it than for Valentines day! First to answer a few quick questions that I just know you all have.

1) Did it hurt?  A bit. But I was on the floor. It was a bit awkward.
2) Was it fun?  Not really... But I'm sure it will get better.
3) Are you going to do this a lot?  Not a lot.  It was messy but if it's a special occasion I'll give it another go.
4)  You're still talking about polish? Right? Get your head out of the gutter.

Anyhoo I used Claire's Snowball as a base (but you can see on my left hand thumb I forgot to put on a white base).  For the actual marbling part I used OPI's Happy Anniversary,  Got The Blues For Red, and a colour called Plum that I got from H&M.  And I topped it all with NYC's Phant-asmic (A holographic glitter in a clear base).  Because when all else fails cover it with glitter.

I did the usual plop some polish into water, use a toothpick (or in my case dotting tool) to create designs, then stick your finger in.  i didn't follow any particular tutorial because I've read so many I could kinda at this point figure it out on my own.

I think for next time I'm gonna use tape because man it was messy (check out the carnage after the cut).  Also this is probably just an thing that comes with practice but I had a hell of a time getting the design I wanted.  Even when I did sometimes cool the best part of the design would end up on my skin. Anyways for a first time I don't think it's that horrible.

Now on to the pictures!!!

Left Hand (Sunlight)

Right Hand (Sunlight)

Left Hand (Sunlight) Look at all the pretty holographic sparkles!

Now onto more pics and the blood bath of a mess that lead to this.

More holographic fun!

Left Hand (Sunlight) See the thumb.  Forgot the white.

Right hand (sunlight)

Left Hand (Indoors)

Right Hand (Indoors)

Now onto the real fun!
Right Hand

Right Hand

Left Hand - Out damn spot!!!

Left Hand - Why wont you gooooooooooo??????


  1. Spectacular mani! LOL @ the Q&A

    Taping the nails off really helps alot

    1. Thanks!

      Will do that for sure next time. Not gonna go through this again :P


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