Monday, 20 February 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream

So I have complicated feelings regarding Deborah Lippmann polishes.  I love the unique colours she comes up with but I hate that no matter what, they chip within 24 hours of application.  Thick coats, thin coats, different base and top coats, nothing helps, and I am not about to buy her base and top coats just to see if they improve the wear.

BUT THEN she comes out with a colour like Mermaid's Dream, that I am drooling over even from the promo pictures, and I vacillate between my hate for the wear and my need for awesome polishes.  The last time this happened, it was over Stairway to Heaven, this time, it was Mermaid's Dream.  Luckily, the mall I work at has a Holt Renfrew, so I stalked them until they got it in.

The good: The colour is even more stunning in person.  The blue and gold glitter really pop from the teal foil-y base, and seem to glow in almost any light.  It's truly stunning, and photos do it absolutely no justice.

The formula was great.  Application was easy and dry time was fast.  No dragging at all and no flooding of the cuticles.

The bad: Say it with me!  THE WEAR TIME.  I've had it on for 22hours now, and both my index fingers feature large and prominent chips.  I thought about touching up for the photos, but after less than a day's wear, I shouldn't have any chips TO touch up, so I let them as they are.

Also, it eats top coat.  Still a tad bumpy after two solid coats of Essie Good To Go.

SO it looks like, as with my other Lippmann polishes, this one will be put on reserve for special occasions only, where a manicure only has to last one night.  It's gorgeous, but I just really, really wish the wear time were better.

Let's let the pictures do the talking(Three under the cut):

Maybe 2 hours post-application. 

Has anyone else experienced these problems with Lippmann?

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  1. ***edited for weird and slightly gross typo

    I have crummy no name polishes that don't chip that badly! Too bad, that's such an interesting colour.


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