Wednesday, 5 September 2012

ANGRY NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't get angry often but, when I do I'm one of two things.  Quick to anger, quick to defuse.  Or be quiet about it and slowly become more and more angry until I explode with the wrath of a hundred headed Hydra (but I need to have a really good reason for this). 

I already had on Essie's Fishnet Stocking.  But I wanted to do something to it.   I wasn't sure what I wanted to do (as usual).  But I did know I had wanted to do a red and black mani for some time.  Then I remembered a mani I did waaaayyyy back in February.  My Fun Times Out Nails.  I did two accent nails in purple and then the rest I painted in white, got my striping brush and just went crazy with black and purple stripes across my nails.

I decided to try in again but now with red as the base and only black (acrylic paint) for the stripes.  I also went uber crazy with the stripes.  Not just back and forth but every which way.  When I was done I thought it looked really cool.  But it also came across as angry.  And for some reason I like that.

All in all this mani was super easy to do and it's great for quick nail art. 

All stress balls should be this happy :)


  1. i love how this turned out! great nails for a mosh pit :-p

  2. Your mani looks awesome. I love the effect. I may need to try it out in different colors.

  3. So good and the stress ball just made my day =D

  4. I really like that effect - very cool!

  5. I was in a big mess last months, but today I'm finally here as your follower! :-)
    This is a great idea and a job well done! :-)

  6. these look amazing - i've got to start experimenting with acrylic paint on my nails!

  7. Hahahah, love it... that stress ball doesn't seem concerned by the angry nails, although he probably should be. Because they clearly aren't messing around. Dangerous nails, heck yes.

  8. yeah im all about these, fantastic!!!


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