Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Diane von Fürstenberg Inspired nails

First off I could never pronounce Fürstenberg properly. Why you might ask? Simple, most of the times I saw her name there wasn't a umlaut. That makes the name!!! If you're gonna have a wicked awesome German name you should always pronounce it in it wicked awesome way. Ja?

Now onto the nails! Theses pictures are from her Fall 2012 RTW collection.

While I liked the colour of the outfit I decided to go with Blue.  I don't think yellow looks good on me at all. And I used Sally Hansen's Blue Pacific, OPI's Black Onyx and paint.

I didn't have a cream teal so I used Orly Sweet Peacock. For the domino I used paint and a french manicure polish by Nailene. 

Hopefully I'll have some more fashion inspired nail art soon!


  1. OMG I am loving that first mani! So freakin awesome! FYI you may get more comments if you get rid of your word verification for comments!

    1. Thank you! (for the comment as a whole) :P For some reason I thought that since when I commented here since I saw no verification, no on else did. But I see now that I changed it (at least I hope I did) that wasn't the case.


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