Tuesday, 14 February 2012

(Lu)tetium+(V)anadium+(Y)ttrium+(O)xygen+(U)ranium = Freaking cute Valentines Day nails!

Or an explosion of sorts.

Anyways I caved.  I did a cute mani (or at least I tried to).  On my left hand I spelt "Luv You" using elements from the periodic table (atomic number included). The elements I used were Lutetium, Vanadium, Yttrium, Oxygen and Uranium.  Now I'm sure everyone know what those elements are so there's no need to explain. If not there's this helpful site called Wikipedia...

Since I'm right handed and just not the best at nail art to begin with I decided that my right hand was going to be something simple, but cute.  So I just did clouds.  Red, gold and purple clouds.  And hey not only is it  Valentines day themed we can also tie it in with the elements. They can represent those beautiful clouds that are just filled with toxic junk... but are oh so cute.

Now the nails!!!

There's a science to Love


(L-R OPI's Got The Blues For Red, Essie's Fishnet Stockings and Naughty N' Nice, Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac and Gilty Pleasure, and finally good ol' paint.

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  1. Wow! I love the creativity that went into these. And I think I need to add that Sally Hanson purple to my collection. It is perfect for spring.


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