Sunday, 4 May 2014

May The Forth B- Ha! I don't care. Here are some Doctor Who nails!

I realized that I HAVEN'T POSTED ANT DOCTOR WHO NAILS THIS YEAR! <Insert shocked humanoid cat emoji> I KNOW! I was originally going to do some regeneration nails back when Eleven regenerated but they kind of turned out to be flops so I took them off. Also I'll be honest the actual episode kind of killed some of my inspiration. I did not like that regeneration sequence. Blah, I'm am sound like a bitter Who snob sometimes.

So I still wanted to do Who nails, so I decided to go back to a simpler time. A time when Ten, Donna,  Donna's sass and sketchy looking SFX still roamed through time and space. I decided I needed to do an Adipose mani from the episode Partners in Crime. If you don't know what an Adipose is you are missing out on a lot. Adipose are the most adorable blobs of fat you will ever see!


For this manicure I used Sephora-212 from Sephora By OPI and acrylic paint for the Adipose.  These were super easy to do as they are just blobs. Blobs of fatty happiness.

Sephora-212 on it's own.

Well I hope everyone has a great forth day in this month of May!


  1. Awwh, that's really cute little fat blobs of happiness :D

  2. Adipose are my all-time favorite Doctor Who monsters. :3 Adorable nails!

  3. Aww, how cute is this - well done!


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