Monday, 19 May 2014

Dear (some of the) Nail Art Community, I see you and your selective hate.

Now I'm sure if you've been hanging around the nail community for a while you remember that whole hoopla about bullying other people about things like not cleaning up. Everyone and their dog made a huge deal out of it. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but one thing I have noticed increasingly amongst people in the nail community is:

Being a bully is bad, if you don't like something don't look or comment. UNLESS the majority of us don't like what we see. In that case feel free to make whatever comment you like, because it is no longer bullying, it is a personal opinion.

Honestly a nail newbie could show how they did a simple flower dotticure for the first time, and their application could be horrific. If one person even dares question the application they are suddenly thrown out to the dogs. Another person could post their intricately done duck feet nails and 90% of the comments would simply be "Ew that's gross".

BOTH these people worked hard, and chances are BOTH these people were proud of their work. Enough so to share it with other people. So why is it ok to put down one?

I get that everyone has a say on things. You are not obligated to like everything you see, but know that just because it is not something the majority of people are into doesn't mean there's not someone out there who likes it a lot. If you don't like something, great. It's easy to not say "Ew," or "That's really ugly." And honestly if you feel the need to comment something as simple as "This isn't something I would do, but you did a great job/it's very creative" goes so much farther. You get out the point that it's not your thing, AND at the same time you show that you are respectful. Depending on the manicure even saying something like "That's insane!" goes a lot farther than "Ummmm no."

Art as a whole is subjective. Like what you like and don't like what you don't like, but do not make others feel bad because what they like is not what you like. Nail art can be pretty, it can be ugly, it can be sparkly, it can be dull, it can be plain, it can be detailed, it can be practical, or impractical. There is no right or wrong box. Nail art is an expression of someone's creativity. When no one is getting hurt I think stifling someone's creativity is one of the worst things you can do.


  1. I'm so glad that most of the nail community is super supportive and kind. I almost never run into negativity, but I'm sure the longer I'm around the more I'll see it. I love what you guys do!

  2. Preach it girl! We all just need to be supportive of one another, the nail art community is a fantastic place :)

  3. I couldn't agree more! It's saddening to see how some people behave!

  4. Thank you for saying what has needed to be said! <3

  5. Well said. Sad that it needs to be said tho...xoxo another member of Polish-aholics Anonymous.

  6. Very well said and I agree 100%.

  7. THANK YOU for this post! On the one hand, I'm a guy, just completing my third year wearing nail color. And, I've been blogging about it from my second month. TOTAL newbie! The whole time, I've found the NP community to be nothing but supportive, kind and generous TO ME. (And, there were plenty of opportunities for criticism...) I really want to thank EVERYBODY in the NP community - those who said nice things, who supported and encouraged me.... AND those who withheld their criticism (of my initial poor photo quality... of my early lack of basic skills... and (when applicable) for my violation of their standards about what is "socially acceptable" for men to wear).

    But.. I have noticed a double-standard here. Sometimes, it seems like people go easy on me because I'm a man, and I've gotten away with stuff that I've seen other people get blasted for. And, that makes me sad on a few levels. It is helpful to me to see criticism - as an educational thing to show me what to avoid in my own work... but there is no reason to post derogatory comments anywhere. I wouldn't mind - I'd even appreciate - private messages from people who notice my mistakes, to help me improve my presentation - but putting those comments in public looks less like "I just want to help you", and more like "Hey everybody, I'm SO MUCH BETTER than she is..."


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