Saturday, 3 May 2014

Black and White Cartoon Nails

I almost just scratched out my eye with my nail! But luckily my nail JUST missed my eye by a hair, and I ended up scratching my eyelid directly above my lashes. Crisis averted.

Today I have some nails I did a while ago(at this rate I'm going to be saying on almost every post as I'm backed up with posts galore). It's another set of black and white nails(aka the best kind of the moment).

This is my first set of cartoon nails, and I decided that I wanted to do something that was not the typical red. So I went with black and white(I mentioned that right? That I used black and white?) because I had yet to see it done like this.

In order to get this look I painted my nails white, then I painted the center chunk black all the way up to the tip. Then I painted over the tip in white. Next I went back and tried to fix up anything that was too uneven. Finally I topped it off with some matte topcoat!

I really do love how it turned out even if it's not perfect. But I think this is something I want to try again at some point. I would love to try it again with a red! I think I'll always have a soft spot for black and white.


  1. I've seen cartoon nails before, but I don't remember anything black&white and I love it! I prefer the matte version! :-)

    1. Yup I like the matte version too! W/o the matte it kind of takes away from the reflection illusion.

  2. It looks pretty perfect to me. I think black and white look really cool together too! :)

  3. Well done - and I think I prefer it with the glossy top coat!


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