Monday, 5 May 2014

I've done it again! Another set of "Never want to take you off" nails!

I'm super excited with these nails, because I am super happy with how they turned out. They are amazing and they really are pure magic. There is nothing you can say that will change my mind.

So I came up with this idea when I got these 8mmx3mm black diamond studs from KKCenterHk. First I painted my nails white and then did a gradient(Purple, pink, orange, yellow). That alone wold have been pretty, but as I was feeling daring I added the studs, AND black lines(and on some of the fingers triangle to fill in some awkward space at the bottom). They turned out perfectly.

I applied the studs like I normally do, by dipping a dotting tool in a bit of clear polish and sticking them on my nail. Even though these studs were larger than normal studs I have used in the past they were just as easy to pick up. My one mistake was sticking them on with nail glue that you had to brush on. I did this because they were larger and I really wanted them to stay on, but when the glue dried it became a bit visible. Next time I will either use glue that you can put on in tiny droplets or just clear polish. On the first night I had these on I actually used gloves in the shower, because I was finger detangling my hair. While I did have two coats of top coat on I was still scared they would snag in my hair and pull off. That being said I don't think I had anything to worry about.  Here I am 4 days and 3 showers later and they are still going strong! ETA: Right before I posted this I actually picked the studs off. They are in good enough shape that I can wear them again.

The studs retail for $4.26USD and I think they are great for anyone who loves nail studs. And if you would like a discount our code is 'varnishedvalkyrie', but I'm not sure if it has been extended yet. It should be soon if it does not work right away.

 You can kind of see the glue in the photos, on the middle and ring fingers. The light is reflecting off a bump the glue created in between the black lines.

 There are around 50 in a package.
 This is how I detangled my hair in the shower the first night I had these nails on. Rubber gloves that I taped around my wrists.

*Product sent for honest review


  1. I see why you never want to remove this - it's gorgeous!!

  2. Nice manicure! Perfect idea wearing gloves under the shower to save your manicure! :-)

  3. Wow, that's an amazing mani! The glove pic made me snigger!! :D

  4. Ooh pretty. I love the gradient but then the black lines and diamond studs give this a art deco look. I love art deco. Don't you love it when you get that perfect mani and hate to take it off? Those are rare manis indeed. I can see why this is such a mani. It's beautiful for many reasons.

  5. Nice mani! I have these studs too :)


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