Friday, 2 May 2014

More Bunnies(but of the dust kind) - My Sneeziest Manicure Yet!

One thing I haven't done in a while is just a really weird manicure. I actually wasn't planning on doing this but other ideas fell through.

1)When I originally chose the eyeballs for review from KKCenterHk I had a REALLY cool idea. It's a shame I completely forgot what it was.
2)My next idea was to add them to some cat water decals. Because cats with googly eyes are AMAZING! But the cats were to small and it was less funny when it was a cat body with an eye head.
3)My next idea was add them to water decals I had of random thing like lips, sunglasses and mustaches. Because googly eyes on inanimate objects is EVEN MORE AMAZING! Buuuttt I could not for the life of me find them.

So I ended up with these Dust Bunnies. Made from actual dryer lint! It was easy to place the lint on, and I did it in a similar manner to when you would use flocking powder. Then I put 2 dots of nail glue and stuck the eyes to them using a dotting tool dipped in clear polish.

The googly eyes are 3mm in diameter. They are the smallest you can get. I honestly think )for me at least) any bigger and they would be overwhelming. I stuck these on with nail glue because I don't think these are something I would top coat, as they are tall(3 maybe 4mm). They are also a bit harder to pick up then most studs, because when you lay them out they almost always end up on their sides. I also found it easier once they were on the nail to press them gently with my fingers. You don't have to worry about ruining the rest of the design because again, they are so high. On the website it says each jar comes with 40pcs, but there has to be at least 150 in here, if not a bit more.

If you would like your very own jar of eyes, head on over to KKCenterHK where they retail for $5 USD. You can also try and use our discount code(listed on the left sidebar), BUT I'm not sure if it has been extended yet or not. I'll place the code in here when I know for sure.


  1. Haha, that's awesome! I would never have thought of dustbunny nails! :D

  2. Dustbunnies.... how adorable. I was wondering what you used for the "dust". Dryer lint. Very creative indeed!

  3. Awesome! Reminds me of Muppet Show puppets :-)

  4. These are just too cute and fun!

  5. This is absolutely hilarious - love it!


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