Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

*Singing* Be a friend to the earth, cuz you know how much it is worth. It's worth more than gold. It's worth more than jewels. So help clean it up, AND DON'T BE A FOOL. Be a friend to the earth.

I kid you not that was a song my class wrote when I was maybe 8. I figured because of the title this would be one of the only times I would get to share this just missed out on the top 100, songs of the 90's you might have missed.

Anyways this post in no way apart from the song has anything to do with me being a friend to the earth. Not that I'm not her friend, I just prefer calling her my acquaintance. I mean we get along but I wouldn't call her a friend yet. Back on topic! My nails! So I had a really hard time wanting to take off the last mani. I ended up wearing them for almost a week. By the time I took remover to my fingers I had already taken off the studs the night before. When I took them off I though "You look fine", so I  kept them. Long story short the black studs in this manicure are the exact same set of studs I had used in my previous gradient and black manicure! I figured why not use them again if I'm only going to get 50. Not only that but they hold up just fine, like they have never been used before!

Do you guys reuse nail art supply's like studs? I like saving larger studs and of course stuff along the line of charms.


  1. This looks awesome!
    I don't use studs very often, and have never tried big ones since my nails are relatively small :)

  2. WOW - that is so elegant and beautiful, you are ready for the cat walk...

  3. Of course I reuse studs and anything that is possible to reuse and not covered in unwanted polish :)
    I reuse until they look ugly or I lose them :p

  4. I like the idea that you added dots on the studs to match your nails. Great manicure!

  5. i love this look so much! reminds me of the 50's :) i reuse nail art bits all the time! mostly because i'm cheap and i don't wan't to buy more haha

  6. Nice idea adding dots on the studs! :-) I like black&white combination! :-)



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