Friday, 7 June 2013

Born Pretty Store Fimo Nail Decorations!

So I've been absent lately, which I should apologise for.  I've been dealing with some family things including a very sudden death back in South Africa, but I will be much more present now that we've handled it together, so BACK AT IT!

I got THESE from Born Pretty recently, they're adorable little fimo nail decorations in various shapes and colours.  I know that they're definitely not for everyone, but here at VV we can definitely appreciate the fun and whimsy of stuff like this, so if you're not into it... Jog on, I suppose!

I decided to wear these with Essie In The Cab(ana), which is a sweet, fun blue from this year's resort collection.  I love this colour and I can see myself wearing it a lot.

These fimo decals came with a tube of nail glue to attach them, which I really liked.  It's nice to get that little extra bit for your money.  I also love that there was no warping or strange variance in size with these, which is a definite hazard with inexpensive nail art stuff.  Everything was uniform in size and shape, with the only variation being in thickness.

Attaching them was very easy, I found the glue to be extremely effective.  It stuck fast and stuck well.

I decided to use a bunch of different decals so you can see some of the options.  I didn't do my thumb as I had a cut on it and wasn't wearing polish, so just ignore :P

I didn't do a proper wear test as I work in an environment where it really wouldn't be fair(I spend all day prying things with my hands, mixing stuff, and typing), but these did last through cooking myself a big lunch, walking my dog, and doing some light cleaning.  I think they would very easily last through a night or day out!  In fact, I'm going to wear the flowers to a music festival next weekend.

(While we're at it, let's all examine my weird skin.  Yellow in the first two photos, pink in the last.  Ohhhh, genetics.)

If you would like to get your hand on these head on over to the Born pretty website!  And don't forget to use our 10% code, EAL91!


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