Sunday, 29 April 2012

Battle of the Graphite dupes... Can you tell them apart?

Today I have a post I was hoping I'd be able to do at some point.. Showing off the two much-touted Graphite dupes together at last.  You know which two I mean:  OPI Number One Nemesis and Jessica Smoky Feather.  I've seen a lot of posts comparing one with Graphite(which Kas owns but I don't), so we know how they stack up in that regard, but what we DON'T know is how they stack up against one another.  So that's what today is about!

Like I tweeted last night, from the bottles alone, they're not dupes.  And on the nail, I think that's also true, but they are close.  I think 99% of you would probably be happy with owning one or the other.  I know which one I prefer.

So, first some bottle shots:

 (artificial light)

Okay, here we go!  So, as is the way with posts like these, I am wearing the Jessica on two fingers and the OPI on the other two.  

There are two coats of each, though one of them needs a third.  One is sparklier, one is more foil-y. One is bluer, one is greener.  

Can you tell which polish is which?  See if you're right after the jump.

Did you get it right?  So here's what we know:

1) The Jessica is closer to a proper Graphite dupe than OPI, but the OPI is pretty darn close too.  I don't think you need both.
2) The Jessica has more green and gold than the OPI, which is a little more blue.  This is especially evident seeing the bottles. 
3) Jessica is more straight sparkles, and the OPI has more of a foil-y feel.
4) The OPI needs a third coat, whereas I felt the Jessica was fine with only two.
5) To me dry time was very close, but the OPI might have been a LITTLE quicker.  Not a concern if you're using topcoat.

If *I* had to get rid of one, I'd keep the Jessica because there's that little extra oomph, and I like that I only need two coats.  But as it is, I'm keeping both because this colour has won me over.

Have any of you picked up one of these?  Which do you prefer!  Weigh in, polish nerds!


  1. Great comparison! They're all stunning!

  2. Verrry close! I think I'd go with the Jessica too. I rarely have the patience for 3 coats.

  3. I have Smokey Feather and I love it! I also have Iridescent Eye. Jessica has great polishes!

  4. Great comparison post- thank you for this! I think I prefer the Jessica because it's only two coats. When you're a nail lacquer fanatic, one less coat of polish saves time!


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