Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués in Wild Card: There is only one word to describe these. Majestic.

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while.  I've been really busy and on top of that my internet LOVES to cut out ever now and then.  Sometimes it likes to cut out and not come back on for a good 24 hours.  Imagine 24 hours Tumblr free.  It was the worst.

Anyways today I have the second pair of Incoco nail polish appliqués in Wild Card.  They are a majestic zebra print...or are they tiger?  Which one of those animals is green and gold glitter?  Either way it is green and gold glitter with black stripes.  Application this time around was much easier.  I didn't have any problems with lifting or not laying flat.  A couple of the fingers I did tear the edges when I was peeling them off the backing.  But that was my fault as I peeled them away too fast.

I love these!  They wore really well.  The last two photos were actually taken on day 5 of me wearing them!  I'm sure I could have gotten more wear out of them but 5 days is long for me.  And despite the fact that they are glitter there was barely any grit to them.  One coat of topcoat made it completely smooth.  Removal was kind of a pain but I didn't expect anything less from a glitter.   I ended up wearing them to an R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet Sing Along!(But I'll tell you about that another day :P)

I should add that these actually come with a piece of tape so you can seal the package back up again.  Last time I used these I accidentally dropped the tape.  When I eventually saw it on the floor I had no clue where it was from or what it was so I threw it out.

I'm excited to try my third set.  I'm glad I saved it for last because it's not a glitter or a shimmer.  With a glitter and a shimmer you can get away with little mistakes but they will probably be more visible with my last set.  Which is why I'm glad I think I now have the hang of it.

*Product sent for honest review.


  1. these are stunning, and 5 days wear is great!

  2. It looks like awesome tiger stripes to me! :D

  3. You're really good at applying nail wraps! I am not. ;)They look really good!

    1. Thanks! It's a combination or practice and quality nail wraps/appliqués.

  4. I love the design, I love the colours... It looks perfect on your nails! :-)

  5. That's a really cool and pretty pattern! :)

    ~ Yun


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