Sunday, 9 June 2013

Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial: Yes I am wearing a bright pink polish.

So I'm feeling much better.  My sore throat is gone but I keep sneezing!  Argh!

Enough about me.  Let's move on to a more important issue...The sun.  I got these polishes last Tuesday and there has not been sun out since then.  Normally I would like that,  but not when I have pretty holos to show!  Today the sun FINALLY decided to show its silly, hydrogen filled face.  Huzzah!

Today I have for you Raspberry Cordial.  Raspberry Cordial(check out this recipe) is what Anne thinks she serves to her best friend Diana Berry.  But in reality it was actually current wine, that of course made Diana drunk.  This happened to me once.  But it was rum...And I knew it was rum.

The polish is a bright pink linear holographic, with larger scattered holographic glitter as well as pink glitter.  Because of that it sort of reminds me a lot of Laters, Baby from Literary Lacquers The Good stuff collection.  I used 3 coats for full opacity, but you could get away with 2 or even a layer over a pink cream.  Now I'm not one for pink polishes(out of over 300 posts this is the 3rd time I've even reviewed a pink polish), but I really like this one.  I was standing in a dimly lit room and I could still see the larger scattered holo sparkling.  If you are a fan of pink this is something you need.  Consider this an order you pink lovers!

If you would like a bottle of Raspberry Cordial go over to Literary Lacquers etsy page.  The full size bottle retail for $10.61 Canadian.

First 2 photos in varying degrees of sunlight

 Last 2 photos are in natural lighting.

*Product sent for honest review 


  1. WOW! I wanna buy this for my mum :P

  2. I really like the mix of holo and glitters. It makes it a much more useful polish because it's also pretty out of the sun.

  3. Arrrgghhh, this is so pretty - in and out of sunlight, I love that in holo polishes!

  4. I just ordered this set on Friday. I love how you incorporated the story into it. <3Kindred spirits

  5. So pretty! Looks gorg on you!

  6. It is gorgeous!
    P.S. At first I've read Raspberry Crocodile, shame on me :D

  7. Um I'm wearing pink right now too-does that mean we're spirit sisters?

    1. Well did you also eat pasta after you did your nails? Because that would confirm it.

  8. Oooh this is so pretty! Love the shimmery holo! :-)

    ~ Yun

  9. I'm not that into pink like you, but I think this one looks really pretty :) I could wear this pink!


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