Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Morse Code Nails!

These nails were a NIGHTMARE to do.  And if you think you know why they were a nightmare you are wrong.  It had nothing to do with the glitter by N.Nail which I got from KKCenterHk.

1) I did this manicure twice. I really wanted to used this glitter and do some Morse code.  Specifically Morse code tips.  But that didn't work out because the code was too long on my ring finger so I just replaced it with the actual letter.  I hand drew the dashes but they just turned out blah.  And to top it all off the black essence polish I used bubbled and then my top coat bubbled  So I just took it off.

2) Attempt number 2 I LOVE!  I think it looks fantastic!  I used OPI's Dating a Royal and it went on perfectly sans bubbles.  Also this time I did the codes vertically on my nails and they fit perfectly.  And to make sure my dashes were also perfect I taped it off and used Sally Hansen's Gilty Pleasure(I also used it in mani #1).  My problem was photographing it so I could show you it's beauty.  Glare city.  I must have taken maybe a few hundred photos.  That's also why my photos look more different than usual :P

That being said I love this glitter.  I got it in Jasmine Gold, because you can do a lot with gold, and I just really like this shade of gold.  It's not too yellow or orange.  The glitter is a tad on the bigger side of small at 2.5mm, but it applied easily.  And the pot it came in was quite large.  This will probably last me for a very long time.

One more thing:
_. = N
._ = A
.. = I
._.. = L
.. = S

 Attempt #1...*twitch twitch*

If you would like to grab a pot, head over here.  They retail for $8USD.  But you can use our coupon code 'varnishedvalkyrie' and get a 10% discount!

*product sent for honest review


  1. This is such a fun idea *typical you* - I love it, looks great even if I didn't know about the morse-codes :)

  2. This is a genius idea!
    ... btw... I just read the comment you added on 'Raggio Di Luna' blog.
    You told you would like to have Kiko polishes... ehm... I live in Italy, so can buy MANY of them!
    If you want we should arrange a swap.
    Pls let me know if you are interested ^_^

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to BUT you live in Italy. As great and beautiful a place it is shipping polish there is pretty much a no go due to rules that prohibit it. I would hate to attempt to send you something knowing that there's a huge chance it wont make it. But thank you again!

  3. Awesome! I love these glitters, I have them in black and I just got bronze to review. They are so fun. I love what a great match you got with the glitter and polish!

  4. Very creative! I love the blue one :)

  5. omg this is sooooo creative! its so beautiful and its got a secret message. you could have fun with different words with this :-P

  6. You always come up with things I would never think of in a million years! They look great!

  7. DUDE-no way would I ever have the patience to redo any fail I think I have done. No one but you would think to do morse code nails-weirdo! But oh how I love it!

  8. Hehe what a neat idea! I love how the manis turned out! And they spell "nails"... that's so awesome! :)

    ~ Yun

  9. Lovin this. Such a nerdy idea to write NAILS in morse codes


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