Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Election Day!

First off I hope everyone who could vote today voted.  I didn't because I can't vote.  And not because I'm a criminal.  I'm just not American. As the most powerful nation in the world, do it for everyone. Now I'm not going to say who I would vote for had I been American but I will tell you this.  I would have voted for President Barack Obama.  I would also like Vice President Biden to become my grandfather,  so one day if I get married he will do a speech.  It would be magical.

Now I love American politics.  It is so interesting.  I feel like a giddy schoolgirl when things like debates come one.  Myself and one of my best friends text each other constantly during these.  That's what I call a night in(Seriously, I love it).  I also enjoy light chit chat with headline readers.  People who love taking about the election  but you soon realize they never got much father than the headline.  The reality is they have no real concept or understanding of half the things that fall out of their mouths.

So for my nails I knew from the start there was going to be no stars.  I would have loved to have some but that would have meant free handing them (HA!).  85% of this manicure was made using OPI's Blue My Mind, Fright Night Claw Polish Voodoo and Claire's Snowball.  The white dots, and the blue and white in The Presidents campaign logo are all paint.  To get all my lines straight I used striping tape(not bad eh?)

Anyways I've had 3 hours of sleep.  I'm going to go do a show now.


ETA: Thank You America!!! And of course Well Done President Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Omg those stripes are so PERFECT, I'm in love! And I think it is really sweet how the rest of the world is concerned about America's election...makes me wish I could return the interest lol

    1. Thank you! I had to do all the stripes on the thumb and pinky twice because I managed to bump them. I'm glad I did because the look so much better now.

      I actually think people are crazy if they aren't concerned specifically about American politics :P. They don't have to be gaga about it but it weirds me out when they have no interest AT ALL.

      I'm not saying the politics in other countries aren't important I just think some people don't comprehend that since America is in fact the most powerful nation a lot of what happens there effects us in some way too.

  2. I love this. It's interesting to see what people outside the U.S. think of our ridiculous politics. :) And also, I like your vote, and your wish to have Biden as your grandfather for your wedding speech. You crack me up!

  3. wow i really love this! every nail is amazing and they all really fit well together! really pretty and meaningful manicure! p.s. GO OBAMAAAAA!!!!

  4. This is great! I love Joe Biden! : ) I will do my part in about one hour!

    Thanks for the inspirational nails !

    : )

  5. I love this and congratulations!

  6. Wow this is really a great Mani!
    love it and congrats!

  7. What a nice mani!!
    I'm not an amarican nor live in US but so FOR Obama! All Korea hope Obama will win!

  8. I did vote and really didn't want to vote for either candidate-I find politics beyond boring-It's funny that you love it!!!


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