Thursday, 13 June 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués in Rock On!: Another First!

So a few weeks ago I tried nail wraps for the first time and I really did love them.  So when Incoco asked me to review some of their nail polish appliqués I of course said yes.  I figured they were the same idea so I was excited!

Within the exterior white packaging, the appliqués are in a smaller air tight package.   A pack contains 16  double-ended strips. Instructions are on the back. The set I got is Rock On.  It's a blue and silver snakeskin look.  Pretty badass eh?


First off I didn't put base coat on because it said on the front of the package that it also had base and top coat.  Next I had to cut some of them(which was easy) because some didn't fit me correctly.  I cut them while they still had their clear cover and paper back.  I found this easier than cutting them without the support as the polish strips were floppy.  I found the strips were relatively easy to apply.  Because they are year polish they don't have as much give, so if you are stretching them out be careful as it may tear.  And while you can lift it off your nail and realign it it dose begin to loose its stick quickly.  Even though it said it was already topcoatified I added some because a couple were beginning to peel because it was no longer sticky(Index and pinky finger) and I had some areas that didn't lie down properly on the nail(which you really cant see in the photos).  So far I have been wearing it for just over 24 hours and so far so good.  Showers and all!  Finally even though it says on the package to use these imadiatly I was left with 6 left over.  As soon as I finished they went in a sealed bag.  I want to still try and use them again!

I really, really like these but I will admit they do need a little more practice and patience as they are less forgiving then the previous wraps I used.

If you would like of set of these or any one of their other fun designs head on over to Incoco's website where they retail for $8.99USD!  I still have 2 more sets of these that I'm super pumped to show you guys!

*Product sent for honest review.


  1. I love this nail wraps! But I haven't tryed any because I am afraid they are too hard to handle for me ;-) Well done!

  2. please let us know how they hold up in a sealed bag! i have lots of left over strips that i didnt know how to store, and they dried out and i had to toss them. let us know if the bag idea works. it would be amazing!

  3. They are very pretty - but I really have a fear of using strips on my nails LOL

  4. I love the pattern and the colours! I'm looking forward to see the other sets that you have! :-)

  5. The design on this one is sooo cool! Love it! :D

    ~ Yun

  6. love these! the design and colour is awesome! would def be keeping the left overs, stunning accent nails here you come! :)

  7. these i like because they dont look printed or pixellated, which most do and that turns me off big time. i will have to check these out!


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