Friday, 28 December 2012

Sation Diamond Diggin' Diva

This post should be titled "Why I love glitter" because this polish is effing fabulous.  So I found this baby at Winners near my job in Toronto, and I'd never seen the brand before.  OBVIOUSLY I bought one as well as two other polishes of theirs(including the base colour you see here) and so far I am pretty impressed!

This is one coat over Sation Loudest Color.

So this glitter has plain silver glitter, large holographic hexes, and black hexes.  Talk about random selection, but I LOVE THIS.  The black gives it dimension and the holo sparkles are so pretty!  I need more ideas of what to layer it with, though.  SUGGESTIONS?

The black glitters are what make this awesome.


  1. I love sation glitters. Try layering it over a pale light grey, maybe even a blue just to try and capture all the glitter colors :)

  2. It's a perfect match with Loudest Color :)

  3. I've never seen Sation polishes at Winner's! I love them so much, I'll have to haunt them more often. This is fabulous!


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