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WINNER!!! + Your Answers (Why have you answer all those questions if we're not going to share any of them?)

Yay! Congrats to Penny!  See doing the essay question paid off! She has been contacted.  And has 24 hours to respond  to our email which was sent a few hours ago And she has responded.  No Chanel Peridot why wont the winners get back to us incident this time!  Congrats to everyone who participated!  If you didn't win it's all good.  Because guess who is celebrating their 1 year blogiversary next month?

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And now just for fun let's see some of your answers since you never really get to see them.

Favourite Baked Good
Because I can I added some recipes!
"My homemade biscotti :D"
"Passionfruit center muffins. oh. my gosh."
"Raspberry Cheesecake COOKIES!"
"Pastel de Nata! Google it if you don't know!" Give me pastries any day!
"My mom's chocolate chip cookies" Are they chewy?!?!?!
"Pink lemonade cupcakes"
"I have no idea what the name is in English or if it even exist outside Sweden. Budapest Cake"
"toffee blondie. is mouthgasm." I'm all for mouthgasms.  Especially multiple mouthgasms.
"creme brûlée, they bake that shit right?" Gurl, you bake and blowtorch that shit.
"vegan pumpkin cinnamon bread" Vegan food is amazing when done properly!  You should all try it!
"Oh god... ALL THE BAKED GOODS! Ok. If I have to choose. A really perfect croissant. It's the ideal pastry, and a perfect vehicle for numerous other tasties (chocolate, jam, bacons and eggs, cheese). Also perfectly good in it's own right. What were we talking about again? "  I feel like you would be someone who also like Crêpes. DO YOU?
"Lasagna" It's baked, and it's good.  You can't argue that.

Best Animal (Can be mythological)
Phoenixs, unicorns and mermaids were the big ones!
"box jellyfish" Fact: They make the best pets.
"Red Pandas. seriously. not sure if you read all of these, but look at this gif. do it.
This is the gif that was attatched:

"I don't discriminate. I love all animals"
"magical flying rainbow unicorns :)" Not a just any unicorn.
"The stegosaurus is the most noble of all creatures." I agree.
"cats, dragons"
"direwolf"  The Game of Thrones fangirl in me got all excited!
"Lavender colored unicorns"  We can't all like Rainbow unicorns.
"my hubby (lol)"

Favourite member of Take That
Only one Mark Owen.  Jason and Howard had more.
"Gary Barlow he is the hottest one of the group!!! "
"I had no idea what Take That was until just now... Um... No comment? Feel free to invalidate this entry if you want LOL" At least you know now.
"uuuhh...Wiki informed me that Robbie Williams is a member and I have at least HEARD of him, so yeah. Robbie Williams." Props for looking them up.
"Jason Orange, because I like his name" I like his torso. 
"who is take that? lol" You must be new here :P
"back for good" That's my favourite member too.  Also my favourite member of queen is Don't Stop Me Now. :P
"None... :-S"  Get out.  I'm just kidding :D
"Jared Leto <3" I see what you did there.
"i don't even know who that is. am i old, now?" You might just be too young.
"What's a Take That? <3" Mythical creature. 

Study Sheet(Because this will be on the test next time)
Mark Owen:
Howard Donald:
Jason Orange:

Gary Barlow OBE/Space Cadet Extraordinaire:

Robbie Williams:

Favourite Shakespeare Play
It was mainly Romeo and Juliet,  A Midsummers Night's dream, Hamlet and Macbeth.
"Hmm Othello was pretty scandalous!"
"Midsummer Night's Dream. without a doubt! I don't find Romeo and Juliet very romantic at all :/"
"I'm sad to say Romeo and Juliet is the only one I've actually read..."
""Hamlet... the Musical" (1988). Epic hilarity."
"The Tempest, because I got to see it performed in The Globe Theatre in London when I was 15, it will always hold a special place in my heart"
"Merchant of Venice (I adore Shylock's speech Act III Scene I)"
"Much Ado About Nothing! (It's even funnier when you find out that "nothing" was slang for vagina!)"
"I was going to say Beowulf...but I don't think that's Shakespeare. I will be unoriginal and say Romeo and Juliet..."
I didn't comment on this because I don't know Shakespeare very well.

Favourite Doctor (Doctor Who?)
Every doctor got at least one vote minus William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Paul McGann.
"Lololol My mum actually loves Doctor Who but I've never really watched it. " WATCH IT!
"I've never watched the show but David Tennant is so adorable to me."  That's a good enough answer for me!
"I have a general love for all things Dr. Who since that's how my dad and I bonded, so I'm going to have to go with Dr. #4 (Tom). Those are the earliest episodes I remember watching with my dad. Which reminds me, I need to search for the latest complete season for my dad's Christmas present...." Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
"Dr Oz" No.
"Rory Williams" He is not the doctor despite the fact that he liked to die and come back.
"I've actually never watched it, maybe I should.." You should... GO!
"John Pertwee (showing my age!)"  More like showing your amazingness.


  1. I'm gonna comment here too. I LOVED this giveaway. I wanted to answer the essay question too, but ran out of time. It was awesome.

  2. Loved that giveaway too! Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your next giveaway ;)

  3. congrats to the winner! loved seeing those answers hahah!


  5. I just loughed my guts off! you have to do this again even without a prize and publish the answers!!

  6. Ok, I meant *laughed*, not seeing clearly

  7. Congrats to the winner. Cool answers :)

  8. Congrats to the winner!
    Dr. Oz!! hahaha! :D :D

    ~ Yun

  9. Yes! Holy shit, do I ever love crepes. Mmm. I want some right now!

    1. PS: Thanks for croissant recipe! I might have to try that. I'm kind of afraid of screwing it up and ruining croissants forever, though. Sloan lyrics come to mind: "This cake is baked, but I much prefer the batter/ perhaps because it had so much potential/ to be delicious, but still be influential."


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