Friday, 7 December 2012


So today I bring you another polish from the Happy Hands I've Made A Huge Mistake(Arrested Development) collection!  Now, this polish is definitely more of a layering polish in my eyes, even though it's dense enough to wear alone.  Over the right red or gold(I'm thinking of putting it over Orly Glitz and Glamour, my favourite gold) this would be INSANE.

So, Illusions Michael is a dense red and gold glitter.  Mostly red microglitter with small gold squares and gold stars, from what I can tell!  This is two coats alone, and the formula is definitely difficult(I forget which blogger said it was almost "dry", but that's accurate.  It's interesting!), but for the glitter density I'm not complaining!  Like I said, I think one coat over red or gold is the ticket to this baby.

What would you guys layer this over?



  1. Love their Arrested Development collection! Gold or red sounds good! I'd probably try to layer this over black.

  2. That's a very unique and interesting polish!

  3. I wore this last week before I started my nail art challenge, totally did not want to remove it because it's AMAZING!! I layered it over a red creme and it was perfection. Definitely know what you mean about the formula, it's painfully dry so layering it is a must!

    1. Btw the stars in mine aren't gold but holographic silver. She must've changed it. My bottle also looks different.


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