Sunday, 23 December 2012

OPI: Holiday Glow (REMIX!!!)

Well not a remix.  More like a re-swatch.  This was actually one of my first post almost a year ago.  And I decided I wanted to re-swatch it!

Holiday Glow is from the 2009 Holiday Wishes collection.  It's discontinued but I see it all the time still.  Especially at beauty supply stores.  Swatching it again I realize that this is a brownish purple. Filled with gold and I want to say copper glitter.  It applied in 3 coats and the formula was super easy to use.  Photos were taken after no cleanup.

I don't know what it is but last time I swatched it I didn't love it.  This time I do! :) And maybe it's because I'm wearing it now but I think something called Holiday Glow is perfect for leading up to Christmas. Everything kind of has that Holiday Glow to it.  People, houses, stores.  It's everywhere! It's like herpes. I can ruin any post :P

Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas!


  1. That is a seriously beautiful polish!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. very unique! it looks like a galaxy mani in a bottle!

    1. It does :) Now that you mention it I actually think I would LOVE it if it were exactly the same but blue!

  3. Really pretty glowy polish! And nice way to ruin a post hahaha


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