Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Merry Bling-mas? Stud-mas? - My Foray into Born Pretty and Nail Studs

I'm excited to be showing you guys some 2mm gold square studs I was sent from the Born Pretty Store!

First these come in a small resealable bag with a few hundred studs.  Maybe I have weak child like fingers (How does one measure finger strength?) but I could not for the life of me open the bag.  I had to get someone else to open it. The next time I openedd it  I just cut the top off and put it in another bag.  This probably means I need to spend more time clicking away on Tumblr.  That sounds about right.

Now I fell in love with these 2mm studs over the 4mm studs (which they also sell) because you can do so much with them.  Like the larger studs you can do the simple designs. But if you want you can also do something a bit more detailed because you can fit more on your nails. And also they aren't so small that you don't know what they are!

Keeping with the holiday spirit I painted my nails Fright Night Claw Polish VooDoo, and China Glaze Glittering Garland.  Then I studified it(That's a word now).  On my thumb I did a tuque because Christmas = Winter... Et je suis Canadienne.  And on my ring finger I did a Christmas tree!  I kept the rest simple by just adding a single stud to each finger.  I didn't want it to be overwhelming. In addition I used some random clear rhinestones and microbeads.  I finished with two coats of top coat(SH Insta-dri then SV).  Mainly because I have a fear that things stuck to my nails will fall of in the shower.  And I was happy because the top coat didn't make the studs look odd, or twice their size :)

I love, love, love how this turned out!  These studs will for sure be part of my NYE mani!

Again you can buy this over at the Born Pretty Store for crazy sweet prices, and free shipping.  And you can use our coupon code if you order, for 10% off!

 AND on top of that since it is Christmas there are having even more discounts that you can use on top of that! Huzzah!

-Site wide 20%-50% off from Dec. 23rd-25th
-All orders over $20 will get a Christmas stamping Plate from Dec. 15th-25th
-All orders over $30 will get a $5 coupon feedback from Dec. 15th-25th
-And  big prize for the biggest purchase from Dec. 23rd-25th

This product was sent for honest review.


  1. I love the tree and the hat on your thumb! This came out fabulous.

  2. Ermagerd! I love the studified xmas tree- too cute! :D

  3. I just ordered some studs the other day!

  4. LOL that little tree is cute, well done!

  5. Omg the Xmas tree I died! I love the studs and I agree the bag was really hard to open! I was dumb when I first figured that out because I had JUST painted my nails and so asked my brother to open the bag for me. Pretty cute and studly :P Btw, êtes vous Canadien ou Canadienne? Hehe sorry :P

    1. Thanks! I actually opened it before because it looked like it would be tricky. Oui nous sommes Canadiens ;). Sur ce sujet, je suis Canadienne. Mais quand tu fait les changement vite les fautes commes cela sons pas noté :/

  6. So awesome! Not sure I'd have the patience to place the studs-or have the patience to not pick them off! I have a weird thing with bumpy nails-part of the reason I don't like glitter!

  7. the studs are sooo cool! i love the round ones too

  8. So cool and festive! I love how you did the Christmas tree with studs! :-)

    ~ Yun

  9. I can't bring myself to using studs because whenever I try to, I always end up picking them off! such a bad habit!

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