Saturday, 12 January 2013

I'm sorry America - Nail fail!

So 90% of the time when I hate a manicure I do I don't actually consider it a fail.  Most of the time something is just off.  Maybe the colours or I'm just not feeling it.

But this (4th of July?) mani that I did eons ago is a personal fail.  Let me now take a moment to go over the fails.

1) Look at those lines.  Something about them makes me sad.  They aren't horrible but I hate them.
2) Those rhinestones are one hot overwhelming mess.  They looked even worse in person.  Really horrific.  Trust me.
3) You can't see it but the topcoat over the rhinestones has more bubbles than a carbonated drink.
4) My nails look horrible after having worn fakes for a few weeks prior.  But if anything you are lucky the horrific mani is covering most of the damage.

Maybe it's just a personal thing but I really dislike this.  What do you think?


  1. I think it looks as if you're being a bit too self critical :) It looks good to me!

  2. I too think you are too hard on yourself - but I know the feeling ;)

  3. you are crazy! this came out great!

    1. OMG look what i found on this other blog -

      go defend your honor!!!!

    2. Lol how did I know what it was about before I even clicked :P

      I'm mostly offended that one of the tags is "Reasons you are still single."

      Please that didn't stop me!

    3. Ahaha, OMG. I clicked the link, went there, and laughed. Because... they don't even know, you know? If you have to ask, in seriousness, why someone would do that... they're just missing the point of awesome completely.

    4. Okay, tasty bourbon is probably fuelling my indignation on your behalf, but I'm totally not done yet... I mean, where's the sense of wonder? Of exploration? Of "Gee, what would 53 coats of polish even LOOK like on my nails"? But YOU asked that question. You went there. You're the Magellan of nail polish. Or something.

      Aaaand, now I'm done.

    5. hahaha. I totally agree! if you have to ask, you'll never know :-P psshh these non-nail folk don't know jack. Kas is a nail hero.

  4. I like the jagged lines on the stripes, more like what the flag looks like when it is flying :)

    I don't like things that stick up on my nails, so I am already biased against rhinestones.

  5. You are definitely being hard on yourself, but I understand your pain!

  6. For some reason which I can't put my finger on, I like the big rhinestones on your thumb and ring finger because it makes me think of aliens. No clue, it just makes me think of blue, sparkly aliens.


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