Tuesday, 21 July 2015

This is not a-peeling: Peel off polish attempt #1

So today I have my first peel off polish from The Born Pretty Store. And I'm going to be totally honest, if I didn't have another one(different brand) to review I think this would be my last.

First of all this is bottle is tiny, well actually it contains the same amount as a mini Essie but because the bottle is plastic it is WAY lighter. The colour I chose was #18 and this time round I did not wear a base coat. It comes sealed in a plastic wrap, but mine leaked a bit. Lucky fr me there wasn't much that was lost. The colour is a beautiful pink leaning lavender and the polish smells like school glue. When I fist applied it it looked streaky. Fine. A second coat will fix that right? Wrong. Three? Nope. Although it's not noticeable in the pictures, in real life it is wicked streaky. That being said it did dry super fast.

I decided to put top coat on two of my fingers(Index and middle), which actually made the polish turn a bit pinker. When I eventually peeled it off the polish without top coat peeled away much easier, whereas the one with, peeled off in chunks. The one thing that really disappointed me was they took layers off my actual nail, and left them feeling blah when I peeled them off. I decided to take most of it off with remover to prevent further damage, but because this isn't normal polish it was hard to do. Next time I will try this with normal base coat, maybe that will help.

Can you see how the index and middle finger in the second picture are slightly pinker with top coat? Or is that just me :P  

As you can see my index and pinky finger took a beating :( The index is a bit harder to see because of the light, but you can sort if see it. The line that looks like the light reflecting kind of bends to the side. That's just below where the peeling happened.

If you think you can work your magic and make these work you can head on over here to get them on sale for $1.99 USD at the Born Pretty Store. And remember to use the code EAL91 to get 10% off.

*Product sent for honest review.


  1. I have my usual peel-off base and that's OK too, but I avoid to use it very often because it damages my nails. Sorry that this product did not work for you!

  2. I am not sure what the point of peeling off-polish is, to be honest. :)

  3. Too bad it didn't peel, but it's till pretty and you could wear it anyway :)

  4. It's a pity that it doesn't peel off, but the colour is really cute... and yes, your index and middle finger nails ARE a little bit pinker with top coat! :-)


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