Thursday, 16 July 2015

Le meilleur des mondes possibles!

So my nails are getting out of hand. I stabbed the boy for the first time ever. I contemplated cutting them for half a second and then I though "No." Although they may need a trim, but only because my thumb nail is broken really low down on both sides after I was trying to lift something heavy and it slipped.

Enough nail talk, lets talk about my nails some more! Today I have the Wiki Challenge done ON TIME. I actually have a few ones from weeks gone by, but haven't uploaded them. This week we got to choose a random article from Wikipedia. I got "Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs," a "written-out" jazz-in-concert hall composition written by Leonard Bernstein for a jazz ensemble. My only idea for this was to do music nails, but what I had in mind I had already done before. So I started to look for more insperation, when I thought "Leonard Bernstein -> Composed Candide based on the book by Voltair -> I have the book -> It has neat art -> I must put it on my nails." So that is how I got to my Inspiration for these Candide nails! I suggest you give it a read if you have yet to!

These nails are inspired by the four of the main characters listed on the inside of the front cover. For my base I used Zoya Jacqueline and everything else is acrylic paint. Then finished with Essie's Matte About You. Kudos to people who do nail art like this all the time. This took me FOREVER. Literally FOREVER.

Inside of the book where I took my characters from. You can see I used Candide, Cunégonde, Dr. Pangloss and Old Women.

This is another copy of the book I have. I found it at a used book sale. It's from 1930!


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