Saturday, 11 July 2015

Rocks. Don't worry this post is interesting. I swear it's not an essay on rocks.

1) Today is Jason Orange's 45 birthday *claps hands* (I had a nap and then never finished this post. So his birthday was yesterday. But I will have a drink to celebrate tonight. That's mainly just an excuse for an extra drink :P)

2) I have been meaning to post this for a while but because of my lack of light box was hesitant.  But I bit the bullet and did a bit of improvising.

Today I have to wraps from Incoco's Modern marble collection. Application was like all the other Incoco products I have tried in the past, super easy, and they stay on really well. They are by far the best real polish appliquées I have ever tried.

First I have Set in Stone, A chic design of white and blackberry marble.

Then I have Masterpiece, A shimmery marble pattern of blues and pinks.

Overall I just thought the designs were just ok. Don't get me wrong they look really nice and the quality is top notch, but they just seem a bit lacking. Their inspiration was from marble and stone, and I just feel like these were lacking a bit of dimension. I feel like had they made this a stone collection and had maybe marble, amethist, opal, jade and made them look just like the stones they were inspired by it would be AMAZING.

If you would like a set, these retail for 8.99 USD over at Incoco's website.

*Products sent for honest review.


  1. I like the first one best because of the bigger contrast between the colours :)
    Happy belated birthday, Jason! :D

  2. I think these are really pretty! :)


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