Friday, 29 August 2014

Things that shouldn't be exfoliated: Eyeballs.

Just a quick post for now!

First a quick tale. The other day as I was rushing to get ready I got a microbead from by face wash IN MY EYE. Things that should never be exfoliated: Eyeballs! Did it ever hurt. Luckily I got it out and I'm all good now! It hurt for a bit, but stopped after 24 hours or so.

As for a manicure I have this one for you guys. It's my first floral manicure EVER! Yay! I kept it simple with daisy's. Oh and the base is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue(Old version).

Sorry this pic is blurry. Blame the microbead.



  1. LOL - you are right about the eyeballs :D
    I love both the polish and the nail art!!

  2. Pacific Blue is simply gorgeous! Lovely manicure!

  3. I exfoliated my eyeballs once in college about 20 minutes before I had to be at class. Most painful, one-eyed walk across campus ever that ended in the most bloodshot & gnarly looking eye. You are not alone!

    I'm digging the simple flower manicure, sometimes they're the best kind!

  4. RIP SH Pacific Blue!
    I can empathize....poked myself in the eye two weeks ago, still waiting for vision to get back to normal, only 3 visits to eye dr so far, #4 on Tuesday. At least it doesn't hurt, things are just a little blurry/doubled in that eye until it fully heals. Dang delicate eyeballs. So no more poking or exfoliating them!

  5. Really gorgeous mani!!! I've done that, ow!

  6. I have never tried exfoiliating my eyeballs, but I must admit that I don't really feel like it either, ahahah!!! :D
    I love the daisies! <3

  7. OUCH your poor eye! also, lovely nails :)

  8. I like the manicure and what a gorgeous base polish! It looks stunning on your nails! It would look stunning also on my nails, ahahah! :-)


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