Monday, 28 October 2013

Pumpkin Half Moons! - I hate pumpkins!

Soooooooooooooo I actually did these nails over two weeks ago and started this post maybe 10 days ago.  I ended up pushing the post back and finishing it now.

Let's start with some hard hitting truths.  I actually don't like pumpkin.  I've had one pumpkin soup that I've liked and that was it.   Actually had a pumpkin spice latte the other day.  I was in the mood for a fall drink, which generally means something apple.  But since the place I was at didn't have any apple goodness I decided to try the latte.  Wow.  The only way I can describe the flavour was a cross between horrid kids medicine, and vomit aftertaste.   No, it tasted like I had thrown up horrid kids medicine.  Ill stick to my apple cider next time.

UNLESS I don't have to ingest it.  I think that is why I ended up loving these nails.  They were super easy to do as I didn't have to be exact with them *HUZZAH*.  For my base I used China Glaze Glittering Garland, and for the pumpkins I just used acrylic paint.

Again I was super pleased with these.  What do you think?  Also does anyone have a pumpkin recipe that can convert this pumpkin hater?

With Flash, *A-AH*.
 Without Flash, *A-AH*.


  1. I *love* that CG green, it's gorgeous!
    And thanks for a laugh, lol, "flash, a-ah"! :))

  2. ooh this s awesome, i totally love it!
    I have to say i am a pumpkin LOVER! it tastes like heaven in a cup to me :-P

  3. How pretty. I love that green base you used. I love glittery polishes. I love pumpkin, but I doubt I have any recipes that will turn you into a pumpkin lover. I like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread. Maybe you would like pumpkin bread. Ok, so here's my favorite if you want to convert:

    1. Interesting... I usually eat butternut squash savory (love it baked in the oven with potato, garlic, rosemary & lemon). Though over here that recipe for pumpkin bread you linked would classify as a cake most likely (we'd call banana bread and zucchini bread a cake as well *winks*)

  4. LOL - but pumpkins are pretty to look at, so ;)
    I love your mani :)

  5. I love your manicure! :-) I don't like pumpkins, but I remember that I loved some kind of pumpkin pie that my mother used to prepare when I was a kid... it means a long, long time ago... :-)

  6. I'm not crazy about pumpkin either. I've tried it in bread though, and I got the most beautiful yellow bread ever. It didn't taste of pumpkin at all, yay! :D

  7. Haha I've had really delicious pumpkin fried rice, and I always love pumpkin bread and pumpkin rolls, but I don't like pumpkin-flavored beverages. :) This mani is really cute! I love the way you did your pumpkins. :)

    ~ Yun


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