Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How does one dress up Chanel Malice?

By doing as little as possible to it.

First of all I wore these out for a "classy" night of drinking.  A "classy" night where I ended up forgetting my wallet at home.  But I'm lucky my friends gave me some moneyz, and since my birthday was a few days before I got birthday drinks!  Yay!

I only needed 2 coats of this, blackened, glow from within red.  Then I just added some gold square studs from the Born Pretty Store.  Enough to add a little something but not enough to take away from the polish.  Out of all the polishes I own this is one of my all time favourites!  I actually have a few colours that are similar to it but I love blackened reds.  Red polish is as a whole is just sexy as hell.

Sadly if you would like a bottle of this it was limited edition.  Maybe I'll show you some alternatives one day!

Ps. Sorry my pics aren't the best.  But I was in a rush to take them.  One of the reasons I forgot my wallet actually.

Pps. Just under 24hours left to enter our giveaway!

Ppps.  I was going to say this in the comments of the Dalek post but I figure most people wouldn't see this but THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!


  1. I think Malice is happy with this solution :)
    This is such an amazing polish, and I'm happy that I secured not only one back up - but two, and I hope to swap it someday for some other Chanel from my wish list :)

  2. Happy Birthday! A few days after. I love that polish. I have Sinful Shine Mirror Mirror which is as close to getting that beautiful polish as I am going to get. I don't know how much it is for a Chanel but I bitch about paying $14 for a Butter London, and I can bet it's quite a bit more than that. SO for now I will admire your gorgeous nails. I looooove that color.

  3. Gorgeous! Makes me regret not picking this one up. Happy Belated!

  4. That's a spectacular polish for sure. It looks great with the studs! :)

  5. I LOVE this CHanel and have it! So gorgeous!

  6. Great look! I like what you did with this mani! :)

    ~ Yun

  7. Love it with the studs!! This looks similar to SH Brilliant Bordeaux...which I think is dc'd as well :( It's my favorite polish!


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