Saturday, 19 October 2013

LynBDesigns - Lock, Shock, and Barrel: It's like the Joseph coat of polishes

I have my third LynBDesigns polish for you guys today from The Nightmare Begins collection, Lock, Shock and Barrel.  Lock, Stock and Barrel are those three trick or treaters that kidnap Santa Clause and take him to the Oogie Boogie's.  You know, the kids who in really life would avoid at all cost.  In the real world they would all be in jail by now.

This polish is a blue crelly PACKED with an assortment of small glitter.  If you can think of a colour it's probably in there.  Blue, pink, gold, green, red, it's all there.  It reminds me of candy!  This polish only needed 2 coats for full opacity.  It's a bit of a top coat om nomer so I had to use 2 coats of seche.  It was still a bit bumpy to the touch even though your couldn't really tell by just looking at it.  If you need it to be totally smooth then you may have to use a third coat.

If you would like a bottle of this you can head over to LynBDesigns Etsy shop.  Polishes retail from between $8-$10USD.  And if you order now through Sunday, and use the code CHICAGO you can get 50% of your purchase of $16 or more.

What was your favourite Halloween candy?  And if Halloween isn't a thing where you live, what is your favourite candy?

 NOTE: The colour is a tad darker when not directly under light. Closer to photo #1 and #3

 *Product sent for honest review


  1. It looks great!
    I don't celebrate Halloween here, but my favourite candy is chocolate containing peanutbutter, om nom nom!!

  2. It really is an interesting mix of glitters, would look great in a black base too :)

  3. Awesome blue and it's so full of glitter! :-) My favourite candy is anything with milk chocolate and nuts of some kind :-) let's say Snickers :-)


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