Thursday, 10 October 2013

Giveaway Winner + Your Answers!

Imagine if for you answers all I put was all your emails.  Haha I kid.

Anyways the winner of our Nail art giveaway is Domniki S!  Congrats and I hope you enjoy your prize :)  Also a big shout out to everyone who entered!  Now as usual it's time to share some of your answers with the rest of the world!

Favourite Element:
-Nickle. Because it looks like it's always saying 'Ni!" Like the Knights Who Say Ni from Monty Python.  I like you.

-Boron most definitely, because it doesn't follow the rules!
-Rubidium - my chemistry teacher once told me that if you put a 1kg ball of it in the sea it would be enough to evaporate all the water on Earth.
-Mercury (HG) because it reads like HUG but is volatile. Mwahahaha! Does that make me evil?
And my favourite answer...
- nail art set

Come on, come on, come on, take that and... (These are Take That lyrics. The real last word is 'Party', which a few of you got).  Here's what else you came up with:
- Wham
- Take This?
- and that and that and thank you very much
- let me entertain you?!

-Wear it.
- Backstreet Boys If you had said N*sync...
- Mark Owen forever:))))))))
- eat pie? If part of this giveaway was answering the questions correctly I would have to give a point to this.
 - Queen
- one of these, and a hee-ya!!
- Throw it
- entertainment!
- a bologna sandwich.

Benedict Cumberbatch.  Blueberry Pumpkin Patch.  Otter.
- Blabbering easy catch?
- Phillis
- Otters are my favorite animals
- Umm....your favorite things? LOL
- Potter?
- Shmoopshie poo?
- Cumberbitches? I love sherlock ._______.
- This. If you want this section to make sense this link will help.
- I have no idea what insanity has infected you.
- I love that tall, ottery-looking gentleman
And my favourite...
-what in the actual fuck

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  1. I'm fairly certain I'm the one who responded with Ni!(ckle). I'm glad you not only approve, but understand the importance of including a gif. Tis very important. I like you too!

  2. Haha, thank you for including some of the answers!

  3. LOL Awesome answers. Congrats Domniki!


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