Monday, 21 October 2013

LynBDesigns - Ghostlike Charms

Here is my fourth polish from LynBDesigns The Nightmare Begins collection!

Ghostlike Charms is a sheer, cloudy polish, full of purple micro shimmer.  It also has silver and holographic glitter, in small squares, hex's and bars.

I don't know what it is but recently I have been really digging these more girly, soft colours.  I mean it's not something I would wear most of the time, but considering there was a time I wouldn't even consider wearing stuff like this.

I first decided to layer it over something dark, so I used Barry M's Dusky Mauve.  It also has similar fine shimmer but it's fine enough that the cloudyness covered it.  I used 2 coats of Ghostlike Charms and I liked it.  But I must say I loved when I put 2 coats over OPI's My Pointe Exactly.  I thought this sheer gray would go perfectly with this.  And you know what?  It did.  In person I could not stop looking at it.  Although if I wear that combo again I either need to buff my nails or do another coat of the OPI(which I don't want to do because that takes at least 4 coats for full opacity).  My nails kinda made the manicure a little less stunning because the undies were so sheer and you could sort of see the yellow stains on my nails... :S

If you would like a bottle of this you can head over to LynBDesigns Etsy shop.  Polishes retail from between $8-$10USD.

*Product sent for honest review


  1. That's a very, very interesting polish - mysterious and beautiful for layering!

  2. It's very pretty over both of the bases you used, but I particularly like it over My Pointe Exactly... it's a very soft and sparkly combo. :)

    ~ Yun


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