Friday, 11 October 2013

Lava Nails: This is the reason I have a bottle of textured polish. That and SCIENCE!

Fact:  I own one bottle of textured polish at the moment.  Zoya Dahlia.  One of the main reason why I bought it was to try this.  I think I would call this a success!

I started off by leaving on the base of Moonlit Dance.  Then with black acrylic paint I messily painted on where the black was going to go.  After that I painted on Dahlia over the black paint using a nail art brush, and adding a tiny bit of black on top of the orange.  This looked much cooler in real life as in some of the black areas I went over them maybe twice.  Then in other areas I went over them around six times.  Not only did I have textures going on because I did more layers in some places more than others it gave it this really neat 3D look!  After I did that I decided to go over the orange with a sheer orange Orly polish(I don't remember the name right now and I can't find it on the bottle(mini)).  I wasn't really loving how shimmery the original orange looked under it.

Fact: Lava- Molten rock above the earths surface, expelled by volcano.  Magma- Molten rock below the earths surface!



  1. Oh I see it! The lava flow on your nails. Very original. I like this.

  2. Super cool. Or hot, I guess, actually. Molten hot. SCIENCE!!!!

  3. You are on fire girl - any moment now :)
    I LOOOVE this lava mani, so well done!!

  4. I love the idea, great manicure, looks like it's really melting on your nails! .:-)

  5. AHH you finally did it! So cool!

  6. COOL AS, BRO! This is the neatest freaking idea, and if I buy a black textured polish it will be because of EXACTLY this. Thank you for making my day more science!

  7. Oooh this is so cool! The black texture is just perfect for lava nails! :)

    ~ Yun


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