Sunday, 15 April 2012

Take That Part 2

This post was inevitable.  And in case you didn't know I have a mild love for Take That.

I got my inspiration from Take That Presents:  The Circus Live.

This is my right hand.  I'm surprised by how much I like it. 

My right hand is based on the Clown Medley.  At first I did colourful french manis in the colours of their hats.  But it didn't look all that interesting to be honest.  So I did it again and used the colours of their hats but used dots instead.  And my thumb is their jacket/pants. The horizontal lines look kind of shaky.  I find they are much harder to do than vertical for some reason.

Mark, Jason, Gary, Howard :D, (Robbie had yet to rejoin the band at this point).  Now you can fill out the Take That question in our giveaway!

If you want to know what colours I use feel free to ask.  I would put them but I don't remember all of the right now.

So I'm going to go now.  I had too much to drink last night.  But I'll leave you with the the Clown Medley, and a BIG yay for all our new followers.  Almost 200! Anyhoo...I sleep now.


  1. This is awesome!! I love everything about it! :)

  2. Hahahahhahahha, I simply have to follow a blog that 1) is called something with Valkyrie and 2) that shows pictures of Take That in clown costume ;) - I was supposed to have seen them last summer, but my ticket got lost, and to add insult to injury, it was the concert where Robbie got a bout of food poisoning so my girlfriends didn't get to see them either...

    1. On the "bright side" at least you weren't the only one out of your friends to not get to see the show :P I would LOVE to see them live but it involves a plane ticket :/ Granted I've decided that since they wont be on tour for a while I should save up money between now and then and see them.


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